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Chapter 2 Little things, are you still panting?

not moving at all.

Looking at the body shape, it seems to be a personal figure, a very small figure.

“I’ll hang up first, and I’ll

talk later when I get home.” After cutting off the call, Jiang Jiu walked briskly towards the corner not far away.

When she got closer, she finally determined that this was a child, a little guy about six or seven years old.

After hesitating for a while, she kicked the ball of meat and asked in a low voice, “Little thing, are you still breathing?”

Still nothing happened.

Jiang Jiu didn’t talk nonsense, turned around and was about to leave.

What are the usual consequences of nosy?

Provoked a show! ! !

She couldn’t think about it, to provoke such an abandoned child, and then be accused of’trafficking a child’?

“Mom…” A

weak and glutinous voice sounded behind him, and his life stopped Jiang Jiu’s footsteps.

It was this mother sentence that reminded her of her child who died young.

She can be ruthless to everyone, but Dudu is cruel to children of this age.

“Get up, I will take you out of here.” There was

no more movement.

Jiang Jiu sighed lightly, and was about to take possession of him to drag him. When the fingertips touched his hot wrist, a look of surprise appeared on her face.

It’s so hot, it’s at least forty degrees.

I don’t know what kind of irresponsible parents on this little thing, and they threw the good children in this invisible corner to fend for themselves.

“If you run into me, you will be considered dead, otherwise you will definitely be a fool in less than three hours.”

Jiang Jiu took up the already burnt little guy like his fate, and hurried towards the exit.

In the afternoon, the news of the loss of Prince Lu’s family swept the major news and newspapers, shocking the entire celebrity circle.

In Haicheng, who would dare to touch the baby bumps of the Lu family?

That’s really a golden bump, holding it in your hand for fear of falling, holding it in your mouth for fear of melting, the whole upper class young masters have added it, and it is no better than the one of the Lu family.

Now that I have lost it, I still have to pierce the sky.


a ward on the fifth floor of the affiliated hospital, Jiang Jiu watched the missing persons notice being broadcast on the TV, then looked at the little things lying on the bed, and stroked his forehead with a headache.

Sure enough, those who do good and accumulate yin and virtue are all clouds. This bad guy is really not so good.

A second, she was chased around the airport by this little thing’s own father, and a second later, she actually picked up her son.

This little master, that is the real master.

The reason why the prince of the Lu family is such a well-known figure is that he has a pro-dad who is rich and powerful.

She was born as the heir to a hundred billion fortunes, anyway, she didn’t have such a good life.

People are better than people, so fucking mad.


It was the soft and waxy male voice again. Jiang Jiu shook his head and said with a smile: “I said the prince, don’t yell, elder sister is afraid of life loss, I can only do my best Count your aunt, eldest aunt.” The

little guy blinked, and showed a cute smile at her, and shouted again, “Mom…”

Jiang Jiu: “…”

At this time, the ward’s The door was pushed open, and a slender figure walked in surrounded by a few black bodyguards.

Jiang Jiu knew this man.

Because half a year ago, she hacked an account in a Swiss bank, and lost 3 billion in the account.

For this, the man chased her all over the world for half a year.

It’s all tears when you say it!

“Did you save my son?” The

deep and deep magnetic voice, mellow like wine, can make people intoxicated.

However, if you judge him to be a gentle man based on his voice alone, then you would be very wrong.

This man’s risk factor ranks among the top ten in the world.

He belongs to the existence of the apex of the pyramid, with a huge business kingdom, turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands into rain.

In this sea city, the sky is covered with one hand.

“With a little effort, let’s hang your teeth, Young Master’s situation is basically stable. If nothing else, I will take a step.”

After speaking, Jiang Jiu reached for the small satchel beside the bed and threw it on his shoulder, turning around and preparing to leave. .

Before she could take a step, the little guy on the bed quickly grabbed her arm and looked at her pitifully, “Don’t go, I need someone to accompany you.” A

surprise flashed across Lu Yebai’s handsome face. The world knows that his son is suffering from severe autism. He doesn’t even say a word on weekdays, and he has never been so dependent on his father. But now…

Jiang Jiu twitched his mouth and stretched out his hand with a smile. Touched his head, warmly said: “You have mom and dad, they can accompany you.” The

little guy’s emotions suddenly became excited, and he dragged her arm tightly, muttering: “I don’t have a mother.”

Jiang Wine: “???”

No mother?

Shouldn’t it, isn’t Jiang Rou his biological mother?

Don’t look at her being abroad all the year round, but there are only a few top rich men in the world. She has heard about Lu Yebai’s private life.

Jiang Rou used means to abduct this man to bed, and then give birth to a child as a bargaining chip to marry the Lu family, she really could do it.

Thinking of Jiang Rou, dense pain rose in his heart.

That woman indirectly killed her grandmother, causing her to be born prematurely, and her first child died.

Thinking that this little thing was born by Jiang Rou, her heart instantly became cold, she stretched out her hand and slowly broke off his five fingers, and said to him in an indifferent voice: “Do you have a mother? It has nothing to do with me.” The

little guy was anxious and hurried. Rolled off the bed, just lay on the ground and hugged her calf tightly, and then cried.

Jiang Jiu looked at Lu Yebai who was watching the good show with cold eyes, and sneered: “Mr. Lu is so elegant. He actually watched his own son picking up a strange woman and confessing to his mother. After carefully returning, your wife asked you to kneel on the washboard. “

Before Lu Yebai could speak, the door was pushed open again, and a slender figure rushed in from outside.

“Mo Mo, my child, don’t you have a fever? Why are you lying on the ground?”

Jiang Jiu saw a figure flashing past, and then she was pushed away by a force.

You don’t need to look down at her to know who the other party is.

It’s really a narrow road.

But after another thought, she felt that it was normal for her to come to the hospital. After all, this little thing was her own son.

My son!

However, the next second she was surprised by the little guy’s series of actions.

I saw the little thing quickly got up from the ground, and then directly dropped his head and hit Jiang Rou’s abdomen with his head, knocking her out two or three meters away.

“You go, I don’t want to see you.”

“Mo Mo, I’m Mommy, what’s wrong with you, don’t be scared…”

Before the words were finished, a scream of screams suddenly sounded in the ward.

Lu Mo directly opened his mouth and bit on Jiang Rou’s arm, and didn’t know how much force he used, Jiang Rou’s delicate skin was oozing blood.

At that moment, a cold killing intent flashed across Jiang Rou’s eyes.

This small white-eyed wolf will one day make him pay the price of blood.

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