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Chapter 1 The prince is lost!

The heat… the

whole body is burning like fire… The

bone-eroding intolerance seems to seep out from every pore of the body, constantly devouring Jiang Jiu’s reason.

After a while, a tearing pain spread to the limbs and the limbs, and the pain made the internal organs tremble gently.

She screamed’ah’, subconsciously wanting to resist.

However, the body could not move.

Tear the heart to the bone, like ice and fire, two heavens.

She couldn’t see anything. The room was very dark and dark. She only vaguely felt that the man’s existence made her soul no longer belong to her.

I don’t know how long it took before the temperature in the room gradually dropped.

The exhausted Jiang Jiu stumbled and rolled to the ground, groping for his clothes in the dark to put on his body indiscriminately.

When she rushed out of the room, a coquettish female voice broke all her pretentious composure.

“My sister has come out, tusk tusk, for three hours, it seems that although President Li is over fifty years old, he is still not old.” It

was her half-sister Jiang Rou who was talking about this seemingly The pure, but insidious girl used her grandmother’s life to force her to socialize with an old man who was over fifty years old.

Half a month ago, my grandmother found out that she had stomach cancer, and the expensive medical expenses were not something she, a student at school, could get.

She went to find her father, but his father cruelly rejected her on the grounds that his mother had been dead for more than ten years and he hadn’t cared about the life and death of the old lady.

It happened that President Li of Hai Rui Group fell in love with his step-sister Jiang Rou and bought Jiang Rou for one night at a sky-high price of 5 million.

Jiang Rou refused to serve the old man, and her grandmother’s life threatened her and asked her to come and deal with it.

In order to save her grandmother, she had to compromise.

Now, her innocence and dignity are all ruined this night, if it weren’t for the grandmother who needs her to take care of her, she really wanted to be killed just like that.

“I have done what you said, 500,000 yuan, when will it hit me?”

Jiang Rou smiled charmingly, and asked in surprise: “Five hundred thousand? Isn’t it a good fifty thousand? How did it become Half a million?”

“You.” Jiang Jiu was dizzy with her anger, and the whole person was shaky, “Jiang Rou, did you turn your back?”

Jiang Rou smiled, she likes to see Jiang Jiu’s embarrassed appearance. .

“My dear sister, tease you, Mr. Li paid a sky-high price of 5 million. You took half a million. Well, I will suffer a bit. I took the remaining 4.5 million. After all, I betrayed my body. It’s you.”

After speaking, she turned the doorknob and walked into the bedroom.

Jiang Jiu pursed his lips and rushed towards the elevator entrance staggeringly.

…In the

room, Jiang Rou’papa’ twice turned on the bedside lamp.

Just as she was about to lie down next to President Li and pretend to be, her eyes suddenly swept over the sleeping man’s face. When she saw the other person’s appearance, she almost dropped her chin.

This, this…

is it…


What a Jiangjiu, actually put the head of the first family to sleep.

For a moment, anger and jealousy distorted her pretty face.

It was originally hers, it was hers, why did that bitch get the great advantage of this day?

Jiang Jiu, you really damn it!

Damn it!

Seven and a half months later…

A cry of’Wow’ of the baby resounded in the delivery room.

“The first one to come out is the son, don’t stop, continue, there are still two pregnant women.”

Outside the delivery room, the female doctor handed the baby in her arms to Jiang Rou who was waiting at the door, lowering her voice. She said, “Ms. Jiang Er, as you wish, the first one she gave birth to is a son.”

Jiang Rou stroked her raised abdomen, the corners of her lips curled up strangely, “Who did you just say this is? Born?” The

female doctor shuddered, thinking of the multi-million-dollar high-end apartment, and quickly changed her words: “Congratulations, Ms. Jiang Er, for your precious son.”

Jiang Rou laughed, her face full of triumph.

The female doctor asked again: “Then, what about the other two fetuses in Miss Jiang’s womb…”

“Take it away.” Jiang Rou squeezed the baby’s small face in her arms, and a fierce slap in her eyes. She raises one, or because this child can let me fly to the branch, this is already very kind, should I have to raise three for her?”

After that, she turned and walked outside, “If After this is done, I will give you double the reward.”

Seven years later, Haicheng International Airport.

At the exit, there was a crowd of people, and several black-clad bodyguards with headsets were shuttled among the crowd.

“Mr. Lu, no suspicious persons were found at exit A1.”

“Mr. Lu, no suspicious persons were found at exit A2.”

“Mr. Lu, no suspicious persons were found at exit B1.”

“Mr. Lu, no suspicious persons were found at exit B2. “In the

VIP lounge on the second floor of the waiting hall, a slender figure was sitting on the black leather sofa.

The man wore a pair of sunglasses, the customized lenses were very wide, almost covering half of his face, only showing the high nose bridge, thin lips, and the side face was extremely rigid and sharp.

This is a very dangerous man, with a cold and indifferent breath exuding all over his body, like a thousand-year cold pond.

Stay away from strangers!

The indoor temperature dropped to freezing point with a few echoes from the headset.

Deathly silence.

After a long time, A Kun, the bodyguard standing by the side, tried to speak, “President Lu, is your information wrong? The first hacker’Gui Sha’ did not have a passenger plane to come to Haicheng.”

They tracked down Gui Sha. It’s been more than half a year, and now I finally have some clues, but I didn’t expect it to be interrupted again.

“Impossible.” The man on the sofa opened his lips lightly and spit out three words coldly.

The eyes blocked by the sunglasses fell straight on the laptop in front of him.

In the screen, intricate red lines are entwined together.

That is the signal path projected by the satellite locator, but this line is like a snowball rolling all over the screen.

A target that was originally locked is now full of screens.

In other words…

he was fooled!

The next second, the computer screen began to flicker violently.

in a blink.

The screen is black!

Akun touched his nose and reminded timidly: “Mr. Lu, your computer has been hacked.”

Lu Yebai: “…” Is

he blind? Need his reminder?

The door of the lounge was kicked open, and a black-clothed bodyguard hurriedly rammed in, shaking his voice to Lu Yebai: “Lu, Mr. Lu, the prince came to the airport with you, but he will be his subordinates. I dumped it, now I don’t know where to go.”

Cold eyes shot straight towards the door, Lu Yebai lightly opened his thin lips, and squeezed five words from between his teeth, “Also, no, hurry, go, find.”

in the green passage on the east side of the airport, Jiang Jiu was carrying a small satchel and quickly walking through the dim light.

“How about it, did the tails that follow you flung it for me?”

“Sister Jiu, don’t worry, the little master will hit her every move, and directly explode that girl’s computer.”

Jiang Jiu just wanted to speak, as if he noticed something , There was a sudden pause in his footsteps, his sharp eyes shot straight towards the corner of his side, “Who? Get out.”

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