I am pregnant with a villain

The elder sister ran away for love, and the younger sister married the powerful man instead of her sister. Coincidentally, Ye Zhen crossed over to his younger sister. Although this man is powerful, he is the ultimate villain. The villains in all the stories all end in a bleak end, and as the villain’s wife, she is afraid that she will not end well. Fortunately, the elder sister suffered all the hardships in life, the prodigal son turned around, pointed at the younger sister, and asked her to let her brother-in-law out. Ye Zhen looked at Lihua’s sister with rain and quickly gave way. Unexpectedly, she was pregnant. My sister tearfully accused. Ye Zhen looked at this busy villain next to him, it was over.
Title: I am pregnant with a villain
Alternative name: 我怀了反派的孩子
Author: the son of Wen Zheng
Genre: Modern Romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 105
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