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Chapter 5 Eating

“Cough” Nian and Jiang were stuck in their throats by food. He picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth. His handsome eyebrows frowned: “I am old enough to be in the same generation as your father?”

“Uh…” Lily saw the displeasure on the leader’s face, and was so embarrassed that she wanted to bite her tongue and kill herself.

How can you compare him with his father? According to Jiang Yufei, he is 36 years old this year and is unmarried. Jiang Yufei called his dad because she entrusted her to him when her mother died.

“Secretary of the year, you misunderstood! I mean, I envy Yu Fei to have a young father like you. You two are father and daughter, obviously brothers and sisters! But I think they are more like brothers and sisters. !”

Lily said incoherent compliments, but when she said the words, she knew that she was too bad at flattering!

“Haha,” Nian and Jiang smiled heartily: “Then I am a thousand-year old demon?” After

laughing, he beckoned and called the waiter: “What dessert, give this lady one!”

Waiter With a smile, he opened the exquisite menu and handed it over: “The best-selling dessert at our farm is this papaya stewed snow clam. The papaya is grown in the garden. It is pure natural and pollution-free. It has a very good beauty and adds the second feature of women. Function.”

“Okay, let’s do this!” Nian Yuhe entered the menu.

Hearing this, Lily just picked up the chopsticks and her hand trembled unwillingly. The chopsticks slid out of her hand unexpectedly, fell on the table, rolled down the smooth tabletop, and landed on her. On the skirt.

Don’t…beautify your face, just beautify your face, what kind of breast?

“Change chopsticks.” Nian Yujiang ordered the waiter.

“It’s okay! What about that, I don’t need desserts, I lose weight and don’t eat sweets!” Lily ignored the stains on the dress, and hurriedly waved to the waiter, her face warming up sharply. She felt that her face must be better than that on the table at this moment. A portion of red wine duck breast is even more enchanting red!

The dedicated waiter explained politely: “The desserts made with our ingredients are delicate, tender and delicious, and they have been tested for fatty sugars without any side effects.”

Lily looked at Nian and Jiang and nodded frequently, annoyed. He gritted his teeth, and had to spit out a few words from between his teeth reluctantly: “Okay, thank you.” The

waiter stepped on high heels and walked away. Nian Yujiang looked at Lily, pursed his lips and shook his head with a smile. : “You girls, even if you lose weight as a toothpick, you still have to lose weight to the end.”

What, tooth… toothpick?

Lily Shengsheng swallowed a mouthful of blood that was almost spat out, and subconsciously looked down at the collar.

Although it is not EFG, it is more than A! Today, I wore a loose T-shirt, and did not outline her. This is not a big “S” and she can definitely be called a small “S” figure, no matter what, she won’t be reduced to the point of breast enhancement. ?

What’s terrible is that a man ordered it for himself!

The most terrible thing is that this man is still his biggest boss!

The most terrible thing is that this big boss is still an overly handsome person!

There is a kind of intellect, gentleman’s temperament and warm affinity between the gestures, and the gentleness and elegance seem to be inherently domineering, but it is not as frosty and remote as other big leaders.

Secretly affixed a few “labels” to the leaders, Lily felt that her face was getting hotter, and hurriedly raised the wine glass: “Thank you, Secretary of the Year, I respect you.”

Nian Yujiang picked up the wine glass and asked with interest: ” Do you drink well?”

“Also, it’s okay…” Lily took a guilty sip of the wine.

improvise? Haha, it’s really tactful. How much do I have to drink to get drunk and beat people and climb into someone else’s bed deliriously? What a girl who knows nothing about life and death!

Nian and Jiang smoothly curled the corners of their lips, but Lily, who was sensitive, saw the smile in his eyes, and they were full of jokes.

Humph, is this mocking this lady’s drinking capacity?

Lily unconvincedly picked up the wine glass that was just put down again: “Respect you, you will be the biggest leader of our research institute in the future, please criticize and guide more!”

She suddenly felt that she also has the potential to slack off!

“Oh?” Nian Yujiang smiled more intensely in his eyes and took a sip of wine: “Listen to Yu Fei saying that you are working as a secretary for the party committee secretary of your hospital. Few young girls like you are willing to serve tea to the leaders. You are an exception to writing manuscripts and doing service work.”

“No way, when I was in college, I studied this kind of useless secretarial major, and I accidentally read it for seven years.”

Lily curled his lips, remembering just now. For the past seven years, feeling the scarred wound in her heart had a faint urge to break through the ground, her hand unconsciously grasped the skirt tightly under the table.

His face was flushed slightly, but the knuckles were terribly pale due to excessive force.

For a long time, looking at her a little lost, Nian and Jiang cleared their throats, “Have something to eat while it’s hot, and I will ask the driver to take you back. Don’t drink alcohol. Girls drink less, especially when alone with men.” It’s easy to lose money when you’re in trouble!”

Lily raised her head hurriedly, only to see the papaya stewed snow clams that had been blown up by the waiter. I don’t know when it was already in front of her. She picked up the spoon without saying a word. Lower your head and eat in small bites.

Nian Yu Jiang Qing raised her eyebrows with a smile. Could it be that the words just now reminded her of that night a few months ago? Oh, reward me with a slap for no reason, I just need to take you in for a night without care. Actually ran away silently the next day, and hid from the headquarters to Q City in one breath.

Little girl, since the world is so small and I meet you again, don’t blame me for slowly taking revenge for that slap!

The next day was the weekend. Lily slept until she woke up naturally. Seeing Jiang Yufei’s empty bed, she remembered that she had promised her mother to go home this weekend.

As soon as the phone was turned on, I saw a text message from Zhen Baiyang: Sister, if you don’t want to be dragged to a blind date by your mother, don’t come back this weekend. Two days later, my brother will visit you at your unit.

It deserves to be the brother who loved me the most since childhood! Lily secretly rejoiced, and quickly replied a text message: Dear brother, I will work overtime this weekend to help me tell my parents, I will go back next week.

Thinking of the mother who devoted all her limited energy every day to marrying her daughter out infinitely, Lily was helpless, and her passion for going home instantly vanished.

Seeing “OK” sent by Zhen Baiyang, she sighed relaxedly, turned off the phone, and went back to sleep.

Compared to women’s favorite credit card spending to go to SPA, Lily prefers to use sleep to fill all the free time. This hobby of environmental protection and energy saving began to take shape since the middle school age, and persisted wholeheartedly and loyally.

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