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Chapter 4 (Lifelong confusion)

Ca n’t Quench “What do you mean?” Lily unscrewed the mineral water on the table, turned her head and asked her in a puzzled face, “Didn’t Lingtang have passed away? Dare to love her as a matchmaker when she went to heaven?”

“The blue tie is my mother’s husband!” Jiang Yufei replied lightly.

“Puff” Lily’s sip of water just delivered to her mouth was so unexpectedly sprayed out.

It turns out that Jiang Yufei is a “second-hand father” who has no blood relationship with her. His name is Nian Yujiang and he is currently the deputy secretary of the party committee of the bureau.

I was sent to the research institute this time. I heard that it was because he was about to be promoted, but he didn’t have much experience at the grassroots level. Coming here was nothing more than a short “gilding”.

In Jiang Yufei’s concise introduction of “Blue Tie”, Lily was still in shock, and finally heard the long-awaited sentence from the stage: Today’s meeting agenda is all over, the meeting is over!

What an inspiring sentence, more than two hours of meeting, this sentence is the most powerful, true and beautiful!

He was about to run back to the apartment, but Jiang Yufei held him back: “My father invites me to dinner tonight, and you go too.”

“Don’t, let me go, I’m most afraid of having dinner with the leader.” Lily squeezed dryly. Make a smile that is even more false than news coverage.

Her current position is a small section member of the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy. She is under the nose of the leaders every day. It’s finally the weekend. I really don’t want to look at the bullet faces of the leaders.

“Isn’t it so shameless?” Jiang Yufei stared, and took out a box of swissthins chocolates from his bag like a trick, and said regretfully: “If you really don’t go, then my box of Lindt will be wasted!”

Lily’s eyes lighted up, and her hand stretched out to the box of golden chocolates uncontrollably: “Girl, that’s your father, not my father! It’s better to go to each house and sleep each…”

“Puff, is it that you are afraid? Will I really introduce you to him?” Jiang Yufei interrupted Lily, and couldn’t help but lower his head and sneer.

“Cut” Lily gave her a disdainful look, and snatched the chocolate over: “Go and go, I’m afraid you won’t

make it if you eat it?” Lin Wei once said something that Lily agreed with: It’s because you were not born in a war. In the age, with your weak revolutionary will, the enemy can turn you from Liu Hulan into a traitor with a piece of chocolate!

It’s just that Lin Wei just despised her, Jiang Yufei would make full use of her fatal weakness every time.

The place to eat is set at a farm in the suburbs. There is a small bridge in the yard with flowing water. The interior of the box is specially decorated and has a unique style.

Following Jiang Yufei into the private room, as soon as the door opened, Jiang Yufei opened his arms and threw into the arms of a gentleman with glasses in the room.

Lily rubbed her eyes and took a few glances before she was sure that this gentle man was definitely not the “blue tie” on stage today.

While guessing embarrassingly, Jiang Yufei shyly took the hand of the man with glasses and walked over: “My new girlfriend, Zhen Baihe.”

“Hello, I am Yufei’s boyfriend, Zhang Qiyuan.” Gentleman Zhang Qiyuan Stretching out his hand, the corner of his mouth evokes an elegant arc.

“Hello.” Lily stretched out her hand and smiled politely: “It’s no wonder Yu Fei often hangs her boyfriend on her mouth. I didn’t expect that the rabbit-like little girl would have such a gentle and handsome boyfriend.”

Jiang Yufei smiled shyly. Pulling Zhang Qiyuan and sitting next to him began to get tired.

Seeing the two of you and me, Lily really has the urge to pat butt and leave. This girl said that she was bringing herself to a meal. She was afraid that the enthusiasm of their young couple would neglect her father and let herself be a guest, right?

A guy with the opposite sex and inhumanity!

Lily had just turned Jiang Yufei over and over in her heart and damaged the outside and the inside. The door of the private room was pushed open with a squeak. Nian Yujiang, wearing a navy blue windbreaker, walked in, and Zhang Qiyuan stood up respectfully. After shouting “year secretary”, Lily also quickly stood up.

“Sit, sit! Family eating, don’t be so polite!” Nian Yujiang’s gaze fell on Lily, with a warm smile on his face, and stretched out his hand: “Zhen Lily? I heard Fei Fei mentioned you.”

Lily’s His face was flushed, and he stretched out his hand flatteredly: “Hello, Secretary of the Year.” He raised his eyes to the big leader who made the atmosphere of the room instantly majestic as soon as he came in, and looked at it, about 1.78 meters. She is tall, thin, with fresh short hair, slightly pursed thin lips, slightly curved and smiling peach blossom eyes gleaming with fragments of light, dim and blurred, quiet and mysterious.

Familiar eyes…especially when he looked at him with a smile, as if he was looking at an old friend.

“Hey daddy, look at your discordant look in your sex life, don’t scare my friend!” Jiang Yufei walked over and took Lily and sat down.

“Ahem, hem” Nian Yujiang seemed to have been accustomed to saying such things to his daughter, cleared his throat with a faint smile, and sat down on the main seat.

Lily endured the snicker in her heart and almost suffocated her internal injuries. What kind of father and daughter are this, it’s amazing!

During the meal, Jiang Yufei did not disappoint Lily, she drooled and smiled silly from beginning to end. What he saw was not the fine dishes on the table, but Zhang Qiyuan sitting next to him.

No wonder, don’t look at the girl Jiang Yufei who is usually careless and careless. Once he talks with her boyfriend on the phone, Hedong’s lion roars and speaks like a 180-degree turn, which is comparable to Lin Daiyu’s. The delicate voice would make the goose bumps on Lily’s body flutter to the ground every time.

However, looking at this Qi Yuan’s gentle look, it’s the girl who is so in love with him. Lily lowered her head and pursed her lips secretly, and finally found the weakness of this fearless girl!

The dishes on the table had just turned twice. After receiving a text message, Jiang Yufei grabbed Zhang Qiyuan’s arm and hurriedly walked outside. He said to Nian Yujiang hehe, “Daddy, I have another appointment. I’m

leaving with Qi Yuan first. You can send Lily home for me!” When Lily raised her head, she didn’t figure out what was going on. She only saw Jiang Yufei winking at her mischievously, “I’m on weekends. Go back

afterwards! Have a nice weekend!” “Hey” Lily stood up quickly, and before the words “I’m going”, I saw Jiang Yufei and Zhang Qi Yuanfei also disappeared, she I had to sit down in embarrassment, and cursed her little friend to be inexhaustible.

“This girl has been at work for more than a year, and she is like a child, crazy.” Nian Yujiang frowned slightly, raised her wine glass and raised her lips gracefully with Lily: “You don’t want to be with me. Has this old guy eaten?”

” Well , how can it be.” Lily quickly picked up the wine glass: “It’s just the first time I have dinner with such a big leader. I am a little nervous, I respect you!” He

took a sip of the red wine and put down the glass. At that time, Lily took a peek at Nian Yujiang, and saw that he was always smiling elegantly on his lips, and instantly forgot that he was a superior bureau-level leader, and said playfully, “Also, you are not old at all, you Looks much younger than my dad!”

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