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Chapter 3 Lifetime Confusion

OhMyLadyGaga! When did the vacuum go into battle? Lily was startled, scratching her messy hair, fumbling around looking for her cute strawberry bra.

But when she found a bra by the pillow and wanted to wear it, she was scared again by the “fresh strawberries” on the white skin in front of her…this hickey…

well, this shameless guy is showing Is his lung capacity OK?

My God, I accidentally became a murderer and killed a small soybean in Yang Susu’s stomach. I was so careless and fell into a stranger’s bed!

“If you have another woman in your heart, then I can sleep on another man in my bed.” This sentence was used to threaten Xiao Rui before, but she didn’t expect that she would have the courage to practice it personally… …

Quietly in the huge room, Lily quickly uncovered the quilt, jumped out of the bed neatly, and the white sheets were clean, leaving no trace of joy or love.

I heard that many women don’t fall into the red for the first time… Could it be that everything last night was a spring dream and was not eaten by anyone at all?

Weakly comforted herself and walked quietly out of the bedroom. She saw a prepared breakfast on the dining table and a note: After eating, take a shower and then go, there are women’s clothes in the bathroom closet, which should fit your size.

Suitable for… size?

Oh my god! Lily quickly threw away the note, clutched her face and grabbed the bag on the sofa and fled away!

He fled back to the small house where he and Lin Wei rented in one breath, only to find that Lin Wei was not at home. Then I remembered that it was Saturday and Lin Weilei couldn’t move home to spend the weekend with her mother.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, I sat alone on the sofa for a long time, only to remember that the phone was still turned off.

As soon as the mobile phone was turned on, the text messages that came in shook her hands numb. Lin Wei sent all the words to comfort her. There was only one text message from her brother Zhen Baiyang: turn on the phone and call back.

No need to guess, it must be Lin Wei, a dedicated repeater who told her brother exactly what happened yesterday.

Since Lin Wei met her PhD brother, she did not hesitate to put her favorite Mayday, Jay Chou and other popular idols into the cold palace, and single-mindedly regarded Zhen Baiyang as the most sacred idol in his heart. Although Lily already had a Ph.D. Sister-in-law.

He was hesitating to make a call, and Zhen Baiyang’s call came in.

“Brother…” Hearing a familiar “hello”, Lily’s grievances full of body and mind suddenly became especially fragile, tears streaming out.

“Well… how did you plan?” Zhen Baiyang never said nonsense. He knew that this always strong sister needed not comfort, but advice.

“I, I want to go home.”

“Um…I agree.”

“When I signed for Xindu Group Energy Company, I just wanted to go to the overseas research institute in Q City, close to home! I didn’t expect to be assigned to the headquarters by the organization. This time, I have to lick my face and apply to the research institute. . ” “

Come back, brother to you Jie Feng. ” “

ah …… “lily nodded heavily.

Three months later.

In the central conference room of Xindu Group’s research institute in Q city, a meeting for welcoming headquarter leaders is being held. On the stage, a major leader who was transferred from the headquarters of City X and was about to station at the research institute was expressing his attitude to the two hundred employee representatives below.

“Hey, welcoming such a freshman leader has something to do with our kind of shrimp soldiers? Must pull us to fill the number!” Zhen Baihe, who was sitting at the back, yawned quietly and poked at the side. Jiang Yufei.

“Your brain is really a muscle! The new leader comes, of course, we must seize every opportunity to get to know each other!”

Jiang Yufei gave her a pair of beautiful water eyes, and then turned his gaze to the rostrum. An idiot on her face: “I think the red-tie man who just read the document is good, and the quality of the man in the headquarters is really good. It’s like us, all crooked melons and dates are malnourished!”

Lily curled her lips and followed her eyes. Looking at it, he snorted and said: “I think the blue tie is okay, with a short head, white teeth, peach eyes… Is

she forty years old?” “Everyone said she looks only thirty. What are you? Eyes? A magnifying glass?” Jiang Yufei glared at her disapprovingly.

“Why don’t you say that it’s twenty years since 18 years old! I’m too old, I’m not interested in uncle!” Lily retracted his eyes disdainfully.

“My eyes are clumsy! Do you know? When the blue tie was at the headquarters, how many little girls’ sexual fantasies were! Now it is popular for uncle to match Lolita!”

Jiang Yufei knocked Lily’s head and raised his eyebrows. He smiled and asked in a low voice: “How is it? Are you interested?”

Lily raised her head and looked embarrassed: “Why are you more concerned than my mother, I quit a man earlier! Besides, sister, I am not a little Lolita!”

“Pull it down, you! You are a broken jar! Me! I brought you here today to choose a man for you, hurry up and choose one!”

Jiang Yufei quietly pointed to the bosses on the stage with interest, with an excited expression on his face as if he would soon see Zhen Lily enters the bridal chamber!

“You thought it was picking cabbage and radishes! You can take it home if you want, and then you can eat whatever you want!”

“It’s easier to pick a man than to buy groceries! To buy groceries, you have to make sure that you have RMB in your bag. Just two eyes to pick a man is OK!”

“Two eyes?”

“Look at each other and wink!” Jiang Yufei said, winking his eyes as a demonstration.

“Here again! I think you are misleading! Forgive me!” Lily cried secretly, simply lying on the table, ready to wait for the host on the stage to say the exciting two words: end!

“Look at what you look like! I’ve been blind for nothing! I’ve done a lot of hard work!” Jiang Yufei slammed her arm hard, his face was heartbroken with hatred for iron and steel!

“Well, you are promising! You have a conscience! Then you give me a chance to go, I must catch one and pounce on it!” Lily has no choice but to compromise with this enthusiastic girlfriend.

To say that the greatest advantage of the institute is that it is close to home, it is definitely an accident to encounter Jiang Yufei, a careless and heartless post-90s roommate Jiang Yufei who is keen to dig gossip every day.

However, this girl, at best, is full of enthusiasm in the body, and her mouth is endless. Is it possible that a small financial department staff really has the ability to win the ultimate boss who will become the highest in the Academy’s black hat?

Facts have proved that Zhen Baihe is the one who is easy to mislead people! Because in the next second, she regretted whether the hunger and thirst on her face was too exaggerated when she said “pounce” just now!

“This matter is on my body! I’ll talk to my mother!” Jiang Yufei smiled strangely at her, slapped her chest, the expression on her face clearly said: Just wait for your words!

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