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Chapter 2 Encounter

No, it’s impossible.

She shook her head quickly, tried to open her eyes and look again, hehe, she was really drunk! The guy in front of him, although he looked more handsome than Xiao Rui’s sunshine, and had a sense of elegance and composure that had been deposited over the years, but his whole body clearly revealed a chill of majesty and domineering!

The slender index finger pointed to the man’s broad chest, and Lily said authentically, “Hey, uncle, who is it called Miss… You, you are the young lady, and your whole family is…” The

tongue keeps knotting, and the words are not yet said After that, the other party grabbed her hand: “You, is the bridesmaid today, Zhen Lily?”

“You, how do you know?” As soon as she asked her curiosity, Lily laughed at herself: “You, you are sent by Yang Susu to replace her. She is taking revenge? She wants to kill someone, right? Ha, ha ha…”

Nian and Jiang Jian frowned, what is this woman talking nonsense? Someone killed him?

Today, Director Zhao, who was on a business trip, called him and entrusted him to attend the wedding of his goddaughter Yang Susu. He was in the private room. Before he had the wedding wine, he heard that something went wrong at the wedding. When he arrived in the hall, the bride and groom had already gone to the hospital. Only the bridesmaid who had caused the trouble was left on the scene, sitting stupidly beside a pool of blood, a pair of smart water eyes filled with grievances and fear, tears rushing. The ground fell down.

Seeing the string of tears rolling down, his heart twitched inexplicably.

“Follow me!” The big hand gripped her wrist firmly and dragged Lily, who was already drunk and unconscious, Nian and Jiang strode to a black Land Rover, opened the rear door, and stuffed her in.

He closed the car door heavily, and the majestic voice instructed the driver in front: “Xiao Gao, drive!”

“Let go, let me go…” Zhen Baihe, who was forcibly dragged into the car, kept struggling, but her shoulders were always caught by Nian Yujiang’s hands. Controlled tightly.

As the car started, the bottle of wine that had just been poured began to tumult in her stomach, and Lily’s head was about to drop to her toes, her hand covering her mouth kept vomiting.

Seaweed-like curly hair hangs down her face. Although the car is full of alcohol from her body, it still can’t hide a faint fragrance, and the strands rush into Nian Yujiang’s sensitive nose from time to time. .

He couldn’t help frowning, and handed a tissue: “Do you need to stop?”


Lily suddenly raised his backhand, and a crisp slap hit Nian Yujiang’s face coldly. The tissue was thrown on the roof of the car and bounced back. It hit him in the face again.

Nian and Jiang were stunned in astonishment. Before reacting, they heard Lily’s mouth cursing intermittently: “Don’t let you control it! Xiao Rui…you, you bastard…get the old lady away, keep rolling… Roll in a straight line… How far and far, out of my old lady’s sight…”

“Zhen” Xiao Gao put a sudden brake on his feet and turned his head in panic: “Secretary Nian, are you okay?”

Nian Yujiang held down Zhen. Lily was about to wave her hand again, enduring the scorching pain on her face, gritted her teeth and said solemnly: “Drive, go to Huayuyuan.”

Holding her arms with both hands fiercely, Nian Yujiang’s heart rose sharply. There was an inexplicable anger, stinky girl, I let someone follow you for a day, and made a special trip to save you, you actually dare to do it!

Xiao Rui? Isn’t it the groom today? Is it true that the rumors heard at the wedding today are true? In order to avenge the bride, the bridesmaid made the bride embarrassed and fell at the wedding, and also lost an unborn child.

However, since she successfully retaliated, why did she still get herself drunk like this?

The car quickly arrived at Huayuyuan, Nian Yujiang dragged the drunk Zhen Baihe out of the car, and the black Land Rover slowly disappeared into the night.

Looking at the woman who had fallen asleep in his arms, Nian Yujiang glanced around subconsciously. There is a house he bought by himself in the previous two years. Normally, he lives in a small villa assigned by his unit to bureau-level cadres. Only on holidays does he come back here for a small stay.

On impulse, bringing back such a “bad girl”, she can only let her sober up here first!

Swiping the card upstairs, entering the door to turn on the light, and throwing a puddle of drunk mud on the big bed in the guest room, turning around to turn on the light, but her soft hand grabbed her arm, and muttered squishyly in her mouth: “Xiao Rui…Don’t leave…I promise you, I promise you all…”

Nian Yujiang is stuck at the foot of the river, this girl, as expected, has a story with Yang Susu’s bridegroom.

Between Nian and Jiang Fu, Zhen Baihe didn’t know where she was born, and she dragged him over, and he fell on top of her.

Before she could react, she touched his face with her hot hands, and muttered dazedly: “Xiao Rui…you, don’t you think I didn’t give yourself to you, you, you just got on Yang Susu’s bed, I , I regret it! I promise you now, I promise you…you, don’t leave!”

Then, she turned over, straddled his waist, leaned over and took his face, and was about to kiss it. .

“Hey…Miss!” With the faint light coming in from the living room, Nian Yujiang saw her blushing face and blurred eyes, but bright tears flashed in the corners of her eyes.

“Shhh” she covered his lips with her fingers, and pouted to warn him mischievously: “Pay attention, I’m eating your tofu!”

“Hey,” she gave a smirk, and her trembling lips fell on his face. , Nose tip, lips…

Nian Yujiang’s hands were held stiffly on her slender waist. His breathing became heavy involuntarily, this little girl who knew nothing about life and death, actually regarded him as an old love?

Her kiss was extremely jerky, and she kept gnawing and rubbing on his lips, but she didn’t know how to proceed.

But it was precisely this skillless kiss that successfully evoked the long aspiration accumulated in Nian Yujiang’s body… the blood rose sharply.

Stinky girl, first hit me, and then took the initiative to hug me… Then, don’t blame me for making the same mistakes a normal man would make!

Nian Yujiang’s big hands clasped her, and they turned over and came back with an anti-visitor, dense kisses, mixed with the smell of punishment, and fell on her tear-stained face fiercely…

The next day, when the first ray of sunlight in the morning spilled on Zhen Baihe’s red cheeks through the gaps in the heavy curtains, the corners of her lips were smiling, and she stretched out very comfortably,

intending to roll over and sleep again. The soreness in her whole body made her “hiss” involuntarily, and slowly opened her heavy eyelids.

Except for the exquisite and brilliant crystal lamp above the head, which emits multicolored light, all the furniture in the room is black and white, neat and clean… To

use Lin Wei’s fallacy: the bedroom is not messy, not a morgue, it is a hospital!

His mind was blank for a moment, and he bounced off the bed with a “teng”, and then took a breath of cold air with a grin.

The whole body seemed to have been disassembled and reassembled, with a splitting headache and sore limbs. What’s even more frightening is that some chaotic images in my mind, like broken movie clips, constantly overlap.

After thinking about it for a long time, Lily got the whole thing in order: Drunk and treated a man

she didn’t know as Xiao Rui… She sighed in annoyance, and she subconsciously looked at her body in the air-conditioning blanket. It’s good… Wrapped in the white T-shirt and gray cotton skirt that I wore when I went out yesterday.

Raising his hand and stroking his chest, I was about to take a breath, and suddenly felt that the hand feels wrong…inside…underwear?

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