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Chapter 1 Smashing the Field

The five-star hotel, light veils, flower arches, and the white velvet carpet extending from the doorway to the stage, covered with red and pink rose petals, is extremely dreamy and romantic.

In the bride’s dressing room, Zhen Baihe glanced at Xiao Rui, who was standing tall and straight at the door, from the mirror, and the corners of her lips raised involuntarily with a touch of bitterness and self-deprecation.

Seven years ago, he grabbed her little hand into the palm of his hand and vowed affectionately: “Lily, in this life, Xiao Rui, I must join you in the marriage hall!”

Today, seven years later, he did it!

However, there is a bride Yang Susu between him and her. He is the groom and she is the bridesmaid!

Lin Wei, the best friend who was making up her makeup, followed her eyes and saw the dignified and elegant Yang Susu who was smiling and holding Yushu Linfeng Xiao Rui, ready to appear.

A gentle gentleman is warm as a jade, and a gentle lady looks like a flower. A pair of bi people, no one does not envy!

Wei Lin contemptuously spat, whispered in the ear Lily Chen said: “!! Really is the day his sister made a pair of perfect match of bitches ah If I were you, come to a row of non-wedding can not”

feel When she reached behind her, Xiao Rui’s eyes always swept across her face seemingly, Zhen Baihe lowered her head hurriedly, gently pulled the corners of La Linwei’s skirt, frowned and said, “We don’t envy jealousy, since I agreed. They, if they make trouble, they seem to be stingy!”

“You can pretend to be a wolf with a big tail!” Lin Wei curled up her lips and shut up.

After putting up her makeup, Lin Wei pressed Lily’s shoulders and directed her at her in the mirror, “tsk tsk” and joked, “cut water eyes and delicate lips. Don’t put such an innocent beauty, someone’s. Eyes caught by the blind bear, marry such a fairy who smells like a fox!”

Lily stood up and reluctantly nodded Lin Wei’s nose: “I will immediately find a rich and handsome man to marry me, saving you every day. Haw!”

After finishing speaking, she stepped on her high heels and walked carefully behind Yang Susu, turned around and blinked mischievously at Lin Wei, and made an “OK” gesture to relieve her.

Standing behind the couple, Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath: Xiao Rui, even if I owe you these years! After today, you enter your grave, I continue to toss my happy and free little days. Let’s clean up!

“The bridesmaid, let’s go!” After thinking, the best man with acne on his side poked Lily’s arm dumbly.

“Oh!” Pulling back his thoughts, he smiled awkwardly at the “Chunfeng” best man, and slowly raised his heels with Yang Susu’s steps.

As soon as he entered the hall, the on-site guests burst into applause without hesitation. Lily kept her head down slightly, and the sound of applause, laughter, and blessing stimulated her sensitive nerves, and each sound was sharper than another.

From the end of the carpet to the stage, the distance of more than ten meters suddenly became extraordinarily far away. But no matter how far away, it was not as far as between her and Xiao Rui, as if crossing the Pacific Ocean. He couldn’t see his appearance and couldn’t feel his heartbeat at this moment.

Stepping on the carpet full of petals, as if stepping step by step on every sweet or happy scene in the seven-year memory, every foot made her feel suffocated.

She was about to step onto the stage. She didn’t know what she was stepping on with the 7cm high heels. Lily slipped and suddenly lost her center of gravity. She suddenly slammed into Yang Susu in front of her.


Yang Susu fell down, throwing away the bouquet in his hand, and slumped on the steps.

Jiao Didi’s voice was mixed with panic and fear, so scared Lily got up quickly, and ignoring the heart-shaped pain from her ankle, she went to help her. Xiao Rui and the best man rushed in front of her, the emcee and the staff beside her. They also surrounded her and pushed her to the ground.

There was a wave of sorrows from the densely noisy crowd in the audience, all of them stood up from their seats and craned their necks to look towards the stage like a giraffe.

“My stomach hurts…” Yang Susu clutched his stomach and groaned with discoloration|groaning, Xiao Rui squatted next to her with a frightened face, all the layers of white gauze skirts that were stepped on under her feet. He stumbled so much that he couldn’t help her.

“Blood…Bleeding!” I

don’t know who shouted first, and everyone’s eyes immediately looked at the red blood on Yang Susu’s thigh.

The sudden situation made Lily, who was sitting on the ground, froze in a daze. There was a “buzz” in her mind, as if something collapsed…I

heard that they were married to Fengzi…Is it so coincidental?

Night, Aegean Bar.

The screen of the mobile phone on the desktop kept flashing, bright and dark, Zhen Baihe narrowed her eyes and glanced at Lin Wei.

Picking up the phone and preparing to shut it down, Lin Wei’s text message rushed in: “Yang Susu prepared the high-heeled shoes? I checked the broken heels, and they were touched by someone!”

Life is really a constant discovery. The process of being a fool before!

A wry smile wafted from the corners of Lily’s lips, turned off the phone, and emptied the wine in the glass, tears rolled down.

Yang Susu had a miscarriage of her wearing high heels for the first time in her life, causing such a catastrophe.

After half a bottle of wine, she seemed to have forgotten the pain on her ankle, the eyes of Yang Susu’s sorrow and hatred, and the condemnation that flooded up around

her … But she would never forget that Xiao Rui was holding Yang Susu’s. At that moment, she turned around and gave her a look of disappointment and blame: “What’s wrong with you to come to me and play this way, have you passed?”

That look was something she had never seen in the past seven years. The tenderness no longer exists, only cold distrust is left!

“Huh! Marriage is great!” Wiping her tears angrily, she lifted the remaining half bottle of wine, raised her head and swallowed.

It’s strange that when I usually drink these things, my throat is too hot to swallow, but today I feel very easy to spit my mouth… Although, my head seems to be heavier and heavier and my eyesight is getting blurry…

“Hi, miss, what constellation? Yes?” A man with a look of scorn sat directly across from her, holding a deck of cards in his hand, and lustful eyes wandering around her white neck greedily.

“I’m from the Bodhisattva Constellation!” Lily glared at each other disdainfully, grabbed the bag and walked towards the bar staggeringly.

The only remaining sensibility told her that she was drunk! Must leave this chaotic place before consciousness is completely lost.

After paying the bill, when she walked out of the bar, the effect of alcohol and her injured ankle caused her to stagger and almost fell. When he stood up, he found himself falling into the arms of a man who was about to come in.

“Miss, are you okay?” A magnetic, lazy voice came from the top of the head faintly.

Reluctantly standing up straight, she pushed the opponent away in disgust, and looked up and squinted. Her straight nose, narrow peach eyes, and long eyelashes made a woman so jealous that she wanted to die with hatred when she saw it… Xiao, Xiao Rui?

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