Find Yourself – 下一站是幸福

He Fanxing’s company is facing the crisis of being acquired, and his relationship with Yuan and Song Dynasty has also been criticized for his age difference. The crisis of relationship and career almost simultaneously makes He Fanxing fall into the low ebb of his life. At this time, the mature and steady Ye Luming broke into He Fanxing’s world and became He Fanxing’s life mentor. And the appearance of Ye Luming made Yuan Song feel that his love had become precarious, and misunderstandings with He Fanxing continued.

For He Fanxing, Yuan Song and Ye Luming are not only a simple love choice question, but also the contradictory dilemma faced by women in the workplace with traditional views on marriage and love. With the deepening of the misunderstanding, He Fanxing and Yuan Song reluctantly broke up, but they could no longer accept Ye Luming, who admired her. The design company was acquired and He Fanxing’s career was back on track. And the road of love has become clear.

Find Yourself (2020) 下一站是幸福
Also known as: 下一站是幸福, 资深少女的初恋, Zi Shen Shao Nv De Chu Lia, รักครั้งแรกของยัยรุ่นพี่ / 下一站是幸福, Next stop is happiness
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Comedy
Director: Ding Xin Guang (丁梓光)
Writer: Shui Qian Mo (水阡墨), Wang Xiong Cheng (王雄成)
Country: China Mainland
Episode(s): 42
Broadcast: Mango TV
Release: January 26, 2020
Starring: Victoria Song, Song Wei Long, Wang Yao Qing, Zhang Yu Jian, Yu Shu Xin , Yang Zhi Ying, Li Xian, Zhang Lei

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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