Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 4 Plot

Ye Luming asked Su Li to help herself cancel the weekend blind date, but Su Li was unwilling. She copied the phone number of her blind date and asked Ye Luming to call herself to cancel the blind date. Ye Luming followed the phone number Su Li gave, and unexpectedly discovered that her blind date was actually the same. He Fanxing, before Ye Luming could react, He Fanxing answered the phone, and after a few small conversations, Ye Luming put down the phone, very happy for such a coincidence.

He Canyang only named Cai Minmin’s name during class. Cai Minmin was not convinced. After class, he went to He Canyang’s theory. As a result, He Canyang was not in the office. Cai Minmin put glue on He Canyang’s chair and tried to tease him. When Cai Minmin was about to leave, He Canyang Entering the office with Song Xue, He Canyang asked Song Xue to help him get rid of his ex-girlfriend.

Cai Minmin inadvertently heard that Song Xue and He Canyang were their first love, and was so surprised that Song Xue reluctantly agreed to He Canyang’s request. After Song Xue left, He Canyang found Cai Minmin who was hiding behind the door. He pulled Cai Minmin and wanted to talk to her, but was stuck on the chair, and Cai Minmin hurried out of the office.

When Cong Xiaozheng and He Fanxing were shopping for clothes, he talked about his mate-choosing outlook. Cong Xiao wanted to find someone he liked and had money. The two of them happened to see Yuan Song after they went shopping. Cong Xiao wanted to fight Yuan Song Hello, He Fanxing took Cong Xiao away. It happened to be raining when He Fanxing and Cong Xiao left the mall. After Cong Xiao left, He Fanxing happened to meet Yuan Song. Yuan Song quickly explained that the two girls were just his own school sisters and didn’t want He Fanxing to misunderstand him.

He Fanxing felt that Yuan Song was originally afraid of him, how could he like him, but Yuan Song seriously confessed to He Fanxing, saying that he had confirmed his heart for He Fanxing. He Fanxing felt that even if he liked Yuan Song, Yuan Song was the company. The intern of He was still ten years younger than himself. It was impossible for two people. Yuan Song listened and interrupted He Fanxing, saying that He Fanxing had already exposed his stuff and kissed He Fanxing. He Fanxing was stunned. Get in a taxi and leave.

Ye Luming and his friends told the story of encountering He Fanxing by chance. He felt that He Fanxing was his destined person. Ye Luming was determined to win He Fanxing, but Ye Luming’s friends reminded Ye Luming that maybe He Fanxing has other suitors. Ye Luming is confident and feels I can definitely catch up with He Fanxing. When He Fanxing returned home, recalling what Yuan Song had said to him, he got up nervously.

When He Fanxing was having dinner with his colleagues, his colleague Xiaobai talked about the collective birthday party this month. After He Fanxing knew that Yuan Song had taken sick leave for his birthday today, he was a little worried and called Yuan Song, but Yuan Song did not answer it. , He Fanxing asked He Canyang for the address of Yuan Song and came to Yuan Song’s house under heavy rain.

Yuan Song saw He Fanxing who was soaked, so he asked He Fanxing to take a hot bath first. He Fanxing took a bath, cooked dinner for Yuan Song, and took care of Yuan Song by the bedside. After Yuan Song woke up, He Fanxing brought a cake to Yuan Song to celebrate his birthday. Yuan Song made a wish on the cake He Fanxing To be his girlfriend, Yuan Song felt that it was okay for the two to like each other.

Yuan Song involuntarily kissed He Fanxing. Although He Fanxing felt wrong, he still liked Yuan Song in his heart and did not resist Yuan Song’s kiss. He Fanxing stayed at Yuan Song’s house for one night, and was seen by He Canyang when he returned home in the morning. He Canyang did not doubt the relationship between Yuan Song and He Fanxing, thinking that He Fanxing only took care of Yuan Song for one night, and he did not believe that Yuan Song would like He. Starry. On the way to work, He Fanxing worried that it would be embarrassing to meet Yuan Song.

Cai Minmin was planning to set up the confession scene, but Ye Luming felt that Yuan Song did not like Cai Minmin and suggested that Cai Minmin should not confess publicly, but Cai Minmin insisted on publicly confessing Yuan Song. Cong Xiao received flowers downstairs in the company, and accidentally learned that the florist’s brother was giving flowers to another girl at the same time. Cong Xiao was very angry. When He Fanxing came to the company and didn’t know how to face Yuan Song, Yuan Song greeted He Fanxing as always. Yuan Song suddenly came to the miscellaneous room to look for He Fanxing. He Fanxing was taken aback, and the things in his hand fell to the ground.

When Yuan Song helped He Fanxing pick up something, he took He Fanxing’s hand, hoping that He Fanxing could answer him. However, He Fanxing said that what happened last night was that you would love me and would not be responsible to Yuan Song. He also had to carefully consider how to reply to Yuan Song. Yuan Song asked He Fanxing to see him in the old place on Sunday evening, and said that he only accepted affirmative answers , Otherwise he would tell Mr. Li He Fanxing unspoken rules for himself, He Fanxing was so sweet and troubled by Yuan Song’s words that he didn’t know what to do.

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