Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 3 Plot

He Fanxing’s house is watching Song Xue’s mediation program. He Fanxing’s father thinks that it’s okay for He Fanxing not to get married, but He Fanxing’s mother is worried that there will be no one to take care of He Fanxing after his death. He Fanxing feels depressed and puts down the bowl. Chopsticks go out and walk the dog. He Fanxing felt that Yuan Song’s letting himself pretend to be his girlfriend was just a fool. He worried that if he walked the dog with Yuan Song, he would be seen by familiar neighbors and provoke gossip. He Fanxing told Yuan Song again to tell him not to be there. The company promotes her privacy.

Cong Xiao is training new recruits, asking interns to call customers to get orders, He Fanxing’s office, Mr. Li asked He Fanxing to book a seat, He Fanxing just put down the phone, Cong Xiao came to He Fanxing for dinner, talking about Zhou Accounting’s pursuit He Fanxing’s matter was intended to bring the two of them together, but He Fanxing had no feeling for Zhou Jiaxing. Cong Xiao introduced a blind date to He Fanxing, saying that the blind date was 37 years old and he was still waiting for the destined one. Chang Huan watched Cong Xiao dancing around, knowing that Cong Xiao must be a matchmaker again. Yuan Song thought about it.

I came to He Fanxing’s house early on Saturday morning and said that He Canyang had made an appointment for dinner. He Fanxing just woke up and went to the bathroom to wash. Yuan Song put his dog braised pork out, braised pork ran all the way to He Fanxing’s room, Yuan Song followed in, and looked at He Fanxing’s room. He Fanxing saw Yuan Song in his room after washing. Angry, but knowing that Yuan Song came in to find a dog, he couldn’t get angry. Yuan Song was chatting with his mother. He knew that after Yuan Song was single, he asked about the situation of Yuan Song’s family. She said that she had a niece and wanted to give a blind date to Yuan Song. He Canyang hurriedly let his mother stop. When it was time to eat, There was a problem with the invoice of He Fanxing’s company. He Fanxing ignored the meal and hurried to deal with it after saying hello.

Ye Luming is introducing Mr. Zhao, who is a wedding planner, to Mr. Li, who is wonderfully decorated, and hopes that the two companies can cooperate. He Fanxing just rushed to the hotel to deal with the invoice problem. He ran into Ye Luming in the bathroom. Ye Luming had a prejudice against He Fanxing and ridiculed her. He Fanxing couldn’t explain it. He had to let Ye Luming not affect the two companies for his own reasons. Ye Luming agreed to the cooperation. When He Fanxing was about to leave, Ye Luming asked her when the next chance encounter between the two would be. Only then did He Fanxing know that Ye Luming thought he had come by chance on purpose. He Fanxing was so angry that he would cry again. Fortunately, I finally held back and left angrily.

When He Fanxing came to Song Xue’s house, he talked about Ye Luming and said that they were going on a blind date again, but Song Xue and Xiao Yu poured cold water on He Fanxing. The two became interested when they knew He Fanxing was drunk and forced to kiss a male colleague. Pulling He Fanxing to ask questions, He Fanxing feels that he is ten years apart from Yuan Song and it is impossible to be together. Ye Luming was on the phone with his sister. Ye Luming, who hung up, saw the enlightenment of losing the dog on the bulletin board. He recalled that he was at the wine bureau that day. After returning to the wine table, he knew that He Fanxing came to the hotel to exchange the invoice, and He Fanxing After never falling in love, I realized that I had misunderstood He Fanxing.

Mr. Li is having a meeting in the company, let Cong Xiao be responsible for arranging the booth, and let Chang Huan and Cong Xiao be responsible for showing to customers together, and let He Fanxing prepare small gifts. After the meeting, Yuan Song asked He Fanxing to walk the dog. Yuan Song did not want He Fanxing to go on a blind date. He also said that He Fanxing could not fall in love with the blind date at first sight. He Fanxing retorted that he still has a dream to be a man. Yuan Song was a little angry, and asked He Fanxing if he was anxious to fall in love. He also said that he was more suitable for dating than the blind date. He Fanxing was asked to think about falling in love with him.

He Fanxing was stunned, not knowing how. When answering, someone approached Yuan and Song Dynasties, and He Fanxing went to find a dog on the pretext of escape. He Fanxing was steadying his heartbeat. Ye Luming lost the peach blossom when he was walking the dog. Zhao Peach ran to He Fanxing. He Fanxing picked up the peach blossom. He was worried about being misunderstood by Ye Luming again. See you After Ye Luming, he explained anxiously, but Ye Luming said that he had misunderstood He Fanxing before, and apologized to He Fanxing. He Fanxing solved the misunderstanding and forgave Ye Luming.

He Fanxing came to He Canyang’s home to watch horror movies together, watching and watching, He Canyang and He Fanxing talked about the topic of love, He Canyang feels that love will occur in a certain atmosphere, it is useless to be rational in front of love, everything has to be asked to yourself heart. When he returned home at night, He Fanxing tossed and couldn’t sleep. Thinking back to the first time he met Yuan Song, He Canyang wanted to arrange Yuan Song for an internship at the company. He Fanxing originally refused, but after meeting Yuan Song, he agreed He Canyang.

In the company, when He Fanxing found Cong Xiao to confirm the promotion plan, Cong Xiao’s date gave Cong Xiao flowers, Cong Xiao collected the flowers, and asked He Fanxing to go shopping together after get off work, but the employee who gave them the flowers said to give them away. The wrong person, the flower was for He Fanxing, He Fanxing was a little confused, only when he opened the card in the flower did he know that Ye Luming had sent it. Ye Luming made a special call to He Fanxing, hoping that their next meeting would be a good start.

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