Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 2 Plot

Mother He scolded He Canyang, He Canyang did not dare to refute it. He Fanxing knew that it was He Canyang’s ex-girlfriend who came to the door. He Fanxing watched it and suddenly saw herself in the video. It turned out that she was drunk yesterday. Home, crying with He Canyang’s ex-girlfriend, He Canyang hurried out and took He Fanxing home. He Fanxing came to the company and saw that the teddy dog ​​he picked up messed up the utility room. He was a little depressed. Yuan Song stepped forward and greeted He Fanxing.

He Fanxing prayed in his heart that Yuan Song would not mention last night. What happened, Yuan Song asked if He Fanxing could agree to what happened last night, but He Fanxing excused that he was talking nonsense after drinking, so that Yuan Song should not take it seriously. President Li called Cong Xiao and He Fanxing for a meeting. Minglu’s advertisement is very important to the wonderful decoration. After the meeting, Cong Xiao curiously asked He Fanxing how he persuaded Ye Luming to give up the contract. Shocked by crying, he hurriedly agreed to He Fanxing not to cancel the contract with Wonder Decoration.

He Fanxing called Yuan Song to the office to talk and asked him what he promised last night. Yuan Song said He Fanxing agreed to be his pretended girlfriend, but He Fanxing said that he could not agree to such a thing. Yuan Song did not panic. He didn’t rush to say that He Fanxing told some secrets last night, and the condition he promised to keep the secret was for He Fanxing to pretend to be his girlfriend and walk the dog together. Yuan Song stood up and approached He Fanxing, saying that He Fanxing had kissed him forcefully last night. He Fanxing was so scared that he could not speak. At this time, a phone call came to rescue He Fanxing. He Fanxing answered the phone and quickly let Yuan Song out.

After get off work, He Fanxing hugged the teddy dog ​​and posted the Revelation of Lost Dogs. Yuan Song followed He Fanxing and wanted to help her post a notice. He Fanxing saw that Yuan Song wanted to mention last night’s affairs again, and quickly said that he was a kiss last night. He Fanxing had no choice but to pretend to be the girlfriend of Yuan and Song Dynasty to walk the dog.

After He Fanxing agreed, he saw the dog-hunting enlightenment posted by Ye Luming. He Fanxing called Ye Luming. Ye Luming rushed to the park. He was very surprised when he saw He Fanxing. He Fanxing was also a little surprised and asked Ye Luming to prove that the dog was his. Ye Luming said the name of the oil bottle, but the dog did not respond. When He Fanxing was about to take the dog away, Ye Luming called peach blossom again, and the dog immediately ran to Ye Luming’s side. Ye Luming thought that He Fanxing was asking for money and a name, so he mocked her and left.

When He Fanxing returned home, he found that the dress Ye Luming gave him was missing. He went to He Canyang’s house to find it, only to find that the dress had been worn away by He Canyang’s ex-girlfriend, and it was cut to pieces by his ex-girlfriend. He Fanxing was very depressed. He found his friend Song Xue and asked about the skirt, only to realize that the skirt not only cost more than 10,000 yuan, but also had to be ordered on the official website. It would take at least half a month. He Fanxing wanted to post a message to Ye Luming to explain, but after another thought, he didn’t intend to post it. He Fanxing put the phone aside, but He Fanxing’s dog Baylor clicked on the phone, sent the message, and received the money. Up.

The next morning, when He Canyang and Song Yuan were doing morning exercises together, Yuan Song curiously asked why He Fanxing had never been in a relationship. He Canyang sighed and said that he was to blame for this incident. It turned out that when He Fanxing High School, he liked He Fanxing. The boys were obstructed by He Canyang in every possible way, and He Canyang joked to let Yuan Song deceive He Fanxing.

He Fanxing walked on the street, and the flower in his hand was knocked off by passers-by. When He Fanxing was in a daze, Yuan Song happened to see He Fanxing and remembered what happened that night. That night, He Fanxing said that if it was ten years earlier, He would definitely fall in love with Yuan Song. Yuan Song wanted to ask if it would be right now, but He Fanxing pinched Yuan Song’s face to make him promise not to be late again in the future.

Li Haomiao went to He Fanxing’s company for the finale, and brought He Fanxing a spicy soup. Ms. Zhao also introduced a blind date to He Fanxing. He Fanxing was a little unhappy and had to say that he had a boyfriend. It happened that Yuan Song came in to bring water. The boyfriend who pretended to be He Fanxing relieved He Fanxing, and also helped He Fanxing push off the bridesmaid’s errands.

When He Canyang asked questions in class, Cai Minmin lost because of the game and was funny in class. After class, Cai Minmin was picked up by Ye Luming. Ye Luming was Cai Minmin’s uncle. Cai Minmin told Ye Luming that he planned to present to the male theologian at a birthday party. Confession. He Fanxing came to Ye Luming’s company, but was called back by Mr. Li. He Fanxing wanted to send a message to Ye Luming, but found that Ye Luming had blacked him out. He Fanxing had to leave a note to Ye Luming, but Ye Luming felt that He Fanxing was Want to put a long line to catch a big fish.

In the evening, He Fanxing went out to walk the dog with Yuan Song according to the agreement, and hoped that Yuan Song would not tell others about today and Li Haomiao. Yuan Song was a little disappointed, and asked He Fanxing if it was because of this reason that he actively asked him out.

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