Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 1 Plot

Fanxing He is a 32-year-old working woman who works as an administrative director in a design company. At the age of 32, she has not fallen in love yet, but still yearns for beautiful love, full of yearning and passion for love. After a failed blind date, He Fanxing came to the company and was arranging work for his subordinates. The company is about to recruit a group of young employees. After He Fanxing arranged work, He Fanxing’s friends learned from He Fanxing’s younger brother He Canyang that He Fanxing was going to date Li Haomiao tonight, and He Fanxing’s friend and He Canyang had been in a relationship. He Fanxing hung up the phone and chatted with his colleague Chang Huan.

He knew that his colleague Xiao Zeng was about to get married. Xiao Zeng was chatting with his colleagues about marriage and love. He Fanxing secretly listened to the side while those colleagues chatted and said Qi He Fanxing is not only old and has never been in love, but He Fanxing is depressed. Cong Xiao received a call from Su Li. Su Li told Cong Xiao that her boss, Ye Luming, was in a bad mood today. It was best to send an intern to send samples. Ye Luming came to the company and was angry because her dog was lost. Su Li canceled her contract with Wonder Decoration Company.

Cong Xiao’s interns were all sent out by her. Cong Xiao had to second He Fanxing’s interns and asked Yuan Song to send samples. He Fanxing looked around and found that Yuan Song hadn’t come yet. To work. Yuan Song came to He Canyang, and He Canyang told Yuan Song that today is the date of He Fanxing and Li Haomiao. They agreed that if both of them were single ten years later, they would be together.

After Yuan Song knew the news, they were very Incredible. Yuan Song and He Canyang talked a few words and then planned to go to the ballroom dancing club. He Fanxing just took a leave of absence, so he planned to help Cong Xiao run errands, and called Yuan Song to go back to the company to check in, but Yuan Song said to Help Cong Xiao set up the shooting scene.

He Fanxing came to the shooting site first, and was negotiating with the owner, Ms. Zhao, hoping that she could tear off the decorations, but Ms. Zhao insisted on not. He Fanxing just heard it and tore off the decorations in the house without saying anything. Miss Zhao clamored to complain and left angrily. He Fanxing twisted her waist while bowing to Miss Zhao and apologized. Yuan Song gave her a massage for a while.

At this time, Miss Zhao came in angrily with her fiancé, and He Fanxing turned At first glance, I found that Miss Zhao’s fiance was Li Haomiao, and Li Haomiao excitedly hugged He Fanxing. In college, Li Haomiao was He Fanxing’s only male friend and the person He Fanxing had been waiting for. Li Haomiao met Miss Zhao in Antarctica. When the two were recounting the past, Yuan Song heard Li Haomiao’s name and knew that the person in front of him was the date of He Fanxing whom He Canyang said.

Ye Luming instructed Su Li to inform the magazine not to change the picture if the picture has not been sent to the company before half past two. Cong Xiao quickly called He Fanxing to urge He Fanxing. He Fanxing was still chatting with Li Haomiao, but did not receive a call. Li Haomiao asked He Fanxing to come out to send her a wedding invitation. He also urged He Fanxing to find someone to settle down quickly. He Fanxing A little disappointed, she was the only one who took the 35-year-old appointment seriously, and He Fanxing reluctantly agreed to be Miss Zhao’s request to be a bridesmaid.

When He Fanxing rushed to Ye Luming’s company, he was imagining that he could talk about a sweet relationship, but he was poured with a bucket of cold water. He Fanxing, who was soaked all over, came to Ye Luming’s office. Ye Luming scolded He Fanxing. He also said that he would terminate the contract between the two companies. He Fanxing’s grievances came to his heart all day, and he couldn’t help crying. Ye Luming was startled and had nothing to do with the crying He Fanxing. He Fanxing changed his skirt and ran into Yuan Song when he sat depressed on the side of the road.

Wake up in the morning, He Fanxing recalled what happened last night. He Fanxing, who was depressed last night, and Yuan Song found a restaurant to drink together. Yuan Song asked about Li Haomiao. He Fanxing was drunk and was in Yuan Song. He changed his previous serious appearance and talked about the troubles of blind dates. He Fanxing lay on Yuan Song and whispered about Li Haomiao in his ear. He Fanxing just wanted to fall in love, but he couldn’t do it for a long time.

Yuan Song was a little nervous and comforted He Fanxing. He Fanxing looked at Yuan Song and said that there were stars in Yuan Song’s eyes and asked Yuan Song if she could fall in love with her. Recalling this, He Fanxing couldn’t remember what happened later. He Canyang came to ask He Fanxing to have breakfast. At the dinner table, He Fanxing’s mother suggested that He Canyang move to the school dormitory.

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