The Angel Maker

The Angel Maker is a supernatural horror novella: Welcome to sleepy little Widow’s Bay island, where nothing interesting ever happens, usually. In the midst of a violent storm which has cut off the island from the mainland, a young woman is found wandering in a near catatonic state with someone else’s blood on her. She has witnessed something horrific for sure, but the reality is far worse.
Title: The Angel Maker
Alternative name:
Author: David Dwan
Genre: Horror-Gothic Books
Release: 2017
Page(Chapter): 162
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The solitary figure sat hunched over the desk straining to see the conundrum in front of him by the meagre flickering light overhead. A mystery he had thus far been unable to unravel, despite what seemed like hours of trial and error the sequence of seemingly random numbers eluded him. Behind him the tin door rattled on its ever weakening hinges, threatening to break his already tenuous concentration altogether as the storm outside threatened to edge towards the biblical.

He wondered what kind of diabolical oriental imagination had invented such an infernal torture devise as this. The light overhead dipped again and for a long moment he was left in darkness with nothing but the rain and wind beating against the window in front of him for company. He looked out through the rattling glass but the outside was as dark as within.

“C‟mon,” he whispered and willed the light to come back on, the thought of spending the night here in darkness wasn’t a welcome one. But he knew if today was anything to go by, the day tomorrow wouldn’t be much brighter.

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