Chapter 9 Helian’s wall

Helian Cheng coldly watched as Helian Bi walked away with Qi Xia in his arms, ordering the bodyguards behind him, “Watch carefully.” He then ordered his assistant, Lu Zihao, “Transfer the surveillance footage from the lobby to my office.” He did not believe that the woman would disappear into thin air. As for what Helian Bi had said, he also did not completely believe it either.

Helian Cheng held onto the name card tightly, his eyes cold. Qi Xia, even if you disappear right now, I will find you!

“How are you going to repay me?” At the door of the washroom, Helian Bi pressed Qi Xia against the wall and the two of them intimately stuck together.

“I’ll treat you to a meal?” Qi Xia uncomfortably shrunk her body, wanting to push him away, but he looked weak and weak, the strength she had was not small. Her arms trapped her between the wall and him and he was unable to move at all.

“Why don’t you devote your life to me?” Helian Bi looked at Qi Xia with interest.

Qi Xia rolled her eyes at him in annoyance, “Although I am very grateful that you helped me escape this calamity, that does not mean that I will agree to your ridiculous conditions.”

Helian Bi burst out laughing, and used his finger to poke at her cheeks that were full of anger, “Aiyo, angry? You’re really cute, I was just joking around! “

Qi Xia slapped his hand away and said seriously, “Young Master Helian, I’ll have to trouble you to state your conditions quickly. I’m still running for my life right now, I don’t have the time to joke around with you.” She saw that there was a cold-faced bodyguard guarding the hallway. It seemed that Helian Cheng did not believe the scene they were acting in just now.

Helian Bi looked at her serious expression, supported his chin with his long fingers, acted like he was pondering deeply and said, “How about this, you tell me your name, tell me why you offended my brother, and we can be considered even.”

“I’m Qi Xia, the editor of the magazine. I wanted to do an interview with your brother, but my appointment was rejected by the secretary, so I sneaked in. I didn’t expect your brother to find out, so I brought a bodyguard to chase me out. Qi Xia helplessly spread his hands.

Although her words were filled with loopholes, fortunately Helian Bi did not continue his line of questioning. He glanced at the bodyguards at the end of the corridor and raised his eyebrows, “That’s all I can help you with.

“Thank you.” Qi Xia took off his jacket and returned it to him, “I will think of a way.”

Helian Bi smiled brilliantly, “Helian Bi, my name, remember it. We will meet again.”

Ten minutes later, Qi Xia swaggered past the bodyguard wearing the work clothes she bought from the cleaning lady and wearing a pair of large black-framed glasses.

After leaving the mansion from the back door, Qi Xia took out her phone from her bag, only to realize that there were more than 20 missed calls, all from Ye Ruxin.

After dialing the number, Ye Ruxin shouted excitedly, “Little Xia, what are you doing? Let me tell you, two hours ago, Cheng Hao group’s assistant president came to my house to ask about the package. I guess that the person who slept with you that night wasn’t Niu Lang, it’s very likely to be … “

“Helian Cheng.” Qi Xia replied weakly.

“Uh, how did you know I wanted to talk about him?”

Qi Xia scratched her head in frustration. “Unfortunately, I’ve already had a frontal confrontation with him.”

The person on the other end of the line was speechless for a moment. “What are you going to do now? I don’t think he’s someone to be trifled with. “

“I saw him pick up my business card. I think my identity has been exposed. I plan to resign and find a place to hide for a while.” Since that man wanted her so badly, it meant that he was very concerned about what happened last night. If he found her, he definitely wouldn’t let her off easily. She decided to hide first and plan her next course of action after this matter was over.

“What about your aunt?”

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