Chapter 7 Interview tasks

At the “Shang Mei” magazine, Qi Xia’s phone in her bag was vibrating, but no one answered it, because its owner was currently in the editor’s office.

Qi Xia took half a day’s leave in the morning because she was feeling unwell. When she returned back to the magazine in the afternoon, she was called into the office by the editor.

Li Sha, the editor of the magazine, was a woman who walked the cutting edge of fashion. Wearing a Chanel Brand Set, she revealed her white collar completely, her long willow eyebrows slightly raised, and said, “Qi Xia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern, Sister Lisa.”

“It’s good that you’re fine. I just happen to have an interview with you.” With a turn of the chair in the office, Lisa threw a piece of material in front of Qi Xia, “The annual CEO selection just ended yesterday, Cheng Hao group President Helian Cheng has already won the championship for three consecutive years, I want you to get Helian Cheng’s exclusive interview.”

The Cheng Hao group’s CEO, Helian Cheng, had never appeared in front of the media, and even the annual CEO Awards event was attended by his assistant, Lu Zihao. Someone like him would never accept an interview from the media, let alone a female fashion magazine like theirs!

Qi Xia bit her lips in difficulty and did not say a word.

“What is it? Can’t do it? ” Lisa’s voice was slightly raised as if she was mocking him.

Qi Xia suddenly had the courage to refuse to admit defeat, “I will do it!”

“Very good.” Lisa smiled, her slender fingers drumming on the table, “Then let’s start from this afternoon. I want to see the interview this Friday.”

The more he looked at Helian Cheng’s information, the more frustrated he became. This man was way too sealed up, there wasn’t even a single photo of him in the outside world, could he really persuade such a person to accept an exclusive interview?

Qi Xia, you have not started, why did you surrender in front of difficulties already? Qi Xia clenched her fists and encouraged herself. She already had to submit the script on Friday, and there was no time to waste. She immediately called Chenghao Group to make an appointment, but was kindly but firmly rejected by the secretary.

Qi Xia decisively picked up her bag and ran out. She decided to stay at Cheng Hao Group’s building to wait for him. She must think of a way to meet the mysterious Helian Cheng.

Qi Xia followed the rest into the employee elevator. She casually asked around and found out that the CEO’s office was on the 36th floor.

After she went upstairs, she went to the washroom to fix her makeup. Just as she was about to leave, a beautiful 17-18 year old girl talked on the phone as she walked in, “Feiyan, we can’t go shopping today, I’m at Chenghao Group … Mn, you’re right, now that Sister Xiya has gone abroad, I must seize this opportunity … “Alright, I won’t say anymore. Big brother Helian’s meeting is about to end. I’ll go find him now. Bye.”

Qi Xia’s heart was moved. Big Brother Helian? A meeting? She couldn’t be talking about Helian Cheng!

Qi Xia was singing happily as she fixed her makeup. She couldn’t help but steal a glance at Qi Xia. Her facial features were very delicate, just like a carefully crafted doll, wearing a cute baby dress, looking very innocent and cute. Her every gesture exuded a noble aura, making her look like a spoiled princess.

Qi Xia leisurely followed the girl to the entrance of a meeting room. Soon enough, the door opened as a tall and straight man walked out.

Qi Xia didn’t manage to see the man’s face clearly at all, but the girl had already pounced on him happily. “Brother Helian, I’m here to see you.

The man turned his body to the side, looking at the secretary miss, his eyebrows knitted together in displeasure, causing Qi Xia who was standing far away to feel it, causing his entire body to tremble, and he quickly explained: “CEO, Miss Su said that she had something important to talk to you about, that’s why I …”

“You’re fired.” The man didn’t give her a chance to explain herself.

The powerful and imposing aura that the man emitted was like a high pressure that enveloped everyone present. The employees did not even dare to breathe loudly.

“Let go!” The man mercilessly shook off the girl’s hand.

“Brother Helian …” The girl cried out in grievance.

Qi Xia couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. It was obvious that he hated being disturbed, if she rushed over now, she would probably be kicked out right? However, if she didn’t get his interview, she would most likely be fired by Lisa. After all, Lisa had always disliked her, always picking on her and finding fault with her.

Hu, I’m going for broke!

“Hello, Mr. Helian. I am…” Before he finished speaking, the name card that Qi Xia had just taken out fell to the ground in shock.

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