Chapter 6 Express

Didn’t he just borrow the Cowherd’s coat? Was there a need to make it sound so bad!

Qi Xia was furious! She immediately called for the express delivery company.

At noon that day, Shaojinhan received a parcel from Qi Xia. When he saw the contents of the package, he laughed so hard that tears almost flowed out. He was impatient to see Helian Cheng’s interesting expression when he saw the package, so he personally brought the package to Helian Cheng’s company.

Helian Cheng looked at Shaojinhan who had barged into his office with an evil look on his face. He smiled like a fox and said, “You had better have a good reason or perhaps, you already have that woman’s whereabouts?”

“Of course. Otherwise, how would I dare disturb the daily affairs of President Helian?” Shaojinhan’s smile became even more brilliant, but no matter how you looked at his smile, it seemed to contain a sense of schadenfreude. “This package was sent by that woman in a charming manner. I think you will be very interested!”

Helian Cheng glanced at him before opening the package to reveal his jacket inside the box. There was even a slip of paper inside, “Stingy man, I just borrowed your clothes, but you were so narrow-minded that you wanted to kill me and now you have to pay me back with your clothes and five hundred yuan as a tip. We will settle this between us. I’m warning you, don’t look for trouble with me anymore! “

After reading the contents of the slip of paper, Helian Cheng’s face was ashen. He wanted to immediately grab the bold woman and pull her out!

Damn woman, she actually thought that he was a bull, and even gave him a tip of five hundred yuan on her own accord! What do you mean you only borrowed a piece of clothing? Did she even know what the hell she did?!

“You reckless woman!”

Shaojinhan held his stomach and laughed, “Our dear, Mr. Helian, who is known as the dream lover of all women, is actually treated like a bull by her. This woman is simply too interesting! But then again, after you find her, can you show mercy on my account? “

This sentence was no different from adding fuel to the fire. Helian Cheng supported himself with his palms on the table, and only then was he able to control his impulse to throw him down onto the 36th floor. He said coldly, “I see that you have been too idle lately, I don’t mind telling your family’s old man your current situation!”

Shaojinhan quickly restrained his smile, raising his hand in surrender, “I was wrong, I was wrong alright? You better not tell the old man where I am, otherwise I will die miserably.”

Helian Cheng coldly snorted, “It’s good that you know this.” Ye Zichen glanced at the package on the table. It was clear that there was no mailing address or phone number on it, “Contact the delivery company, I want to know this woman’s address!”

“I knew you would want it. I’ve already asked the delivery company.”

When Ye Ruxin returned from the supermarket, she was stopped by two men in black suits asking him about the express delivery. One of the man said, “My name is Lu Zihao, I’m Cheng Hao Group’s assistant president, could I ask if you mailed this package?”

Ye Ruxin could immediately tell that it was Qi Xia’s handwriting. This package was precisely the same one that Qi Xia had mailed out this morning. “No, I’ve never seen it.”

“But the courier said it was mailed from your home. Is it possible that your friend mailed it?”

Ye Ruxin denied it immediately, “Recently, no friend came to my house.”

No matter what the other party said, Ye Ruxin insisted on using the Three Character Classic. “I don’t know”, “I’m not sure”, “I don’t understand”, and once they saw that they couldn’t get anything out of it, they finally left.

Ye Ruxin hurriedly locked the door. Just now, in order to deal with them, she pretended to be calm and composed, but in reality, her back was sweating from nervousness. Her intuition told her that Qi Xia had gone too far this time, she seemed to have offended a very powerful person!

When she called Qi Xia, her fingers were still trembling. No one answered the phone a few times, but Ye Ruxin kept calling her in her heart. Xiao Xia, quickly answer the phone.

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