Chapter 5 The whole city is wanted

When Helian Cheng heard the clues that Shaojinhan was investigating, the creases on his forehead became deeper and deeper, and his expression became more and more unsightly, “Are you saying that you didn’t find out her identity?”

Shaojinhan spread out his hands, looking like he couldn’t help but say, “I only know that they are colleagues at a gathering. As for which company it is, I don’t know her name.” Saying that, he raised his eyebrows, “Then what do you plan to do now? “Do you want to let your seed leave this place?”

The corner of Helian Cheng’s mouth twitched. If he could, he really wanted to throw out this person who he grew up with. He coldly looked at him, enunciating word by word, “Bounty for the entire city!”

Helian Cheng had always been a good person, when Shaojinhan heard him say that, he did not feel it to be strange at all, “After you find her, what do you plan to do?”

Helian Cheng’s gaze darkened. If what Shaojinhan said was true, then that woman should have already drunk alcohol when she entered the room last night. Even if there was no light in the room and the situation couldn’t be seen clearly, she should have left when she discovered that there was someone in the room.

In other words, that woman was not a proper woman. He had seen many women that came knocking on his door. He also hated them, and it was impossible for him to have any interactions with her. So what if she was a virgin? It was a pity that she gave up her life to the wrong person!

Helian Cheng did not answer his question. Instead, his lips slightly curved upwards with an icy smile, “Before noon today, I want all the radio stations and newspapers to arrest this woman.”

Qi Xia was in a mess, she could not go to the company nor did she want to scare Xia Yun off when she returned home, so she went over to Ye Ruxin’s house.

Seeing Qi Xia in such a sorry state, Ye Ruxin was shocked, “What happened to you? Why are you wearing men’s clothes? “

Tired from running so early in the morning, Qi Xia was already very tired, “I’ll tell you in a while, let me borrow your bathroom to take a bath first. Where’s Lin Zian? He should be at work by now, right? “

Ye Ruxin found some clean towels and clothes for her, “He just left, you should go take a bath first, I’ll go and see Niu Niu.”

When Qi Xia came out of the bathroom, she was carrying his daughter, Niu Niu, and was babbling to her.

Qi Xia wiped her hair and sat beside Ye Ruxin, talking to Niu Niu. Niu Niu giggled and reached out her fat little hands, “Aunt, hug, hug.”

“Good girl, Aunt just finished washing her hair, mummy will give you a hug.” Ye Ruxin calmed her daughter down, and looked at Qi Xia with an expression of “Tell me, what happened?”

Qi Xia pinched Niu Niu’s cute little face, “Actually, it’s not a big deal. I wanted a child, so I slept with a bull in the bar, and that shirt was his as well.”

Qi Xia spoke with a relaxed tone, but her words caused Ye Ruxin to stare at him with widened eyes, “You said that you went to bed with someone?”

“That’s right!”

“You want a child?”

“Absolutely correct!”

Ye Ruxin’s expression suddenly turned fierce, and she suddenly slapped Qi Xia’s head, “Are you crazy? You don’t want to get married, but you want to have a baby. Are you going to be a single mother? You’ll ruin yourself, don’t you know? “

Qi Xia was unable to dodge in time and allowed the palm to land on her head. It did not hurt, but she knew that Ye Ruxin’s sharp words and cruel appearance was only on the surface because he was worried about her.

Qi Xia smiled warmly, “Ye, my aunt has always urged me to marry and have children, I don’t want to disappoint her. But I feel that it’s impossible for me to fall in love with others in this lifetime, and then get married again.

Ye Ruxin had been good friends with Qi Xia for more than ten years and knew that she had always been a carefree person. However, she was actually very sensitive in her heart and was unable to walk out from the shadows of the past, hence she was both sad for and worried for Qi Xia. She had many things she wanted to say, but in the end, all of her words could only be translated into one sentence, “If you have already made up your mind, then I can only support you.”

“Ye, thank you — —” Qi Xia was moved and stopped talking for a moment. Her entire body started to tremble lightly as she was attracted by the television set that was not far away.

A-wanted her? That bar said she stole something from a respected guest?

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