Chapter 3 Lucky

Shaojinhan found Qi Xia at the corner who was covering her forehead as she smiled politely. “Miss, our bar will pick out a lucky person every night, and the lucky people will get the room service sent out by our bar. Congratulations on becoming the lucky person here today.”

Qi Xia had already calmed down a bit. She had originally planned to sit for a while longer before returning to the private room to look for her colleagues, but didn’t expect that she would be so lucky. She was stunned for a moment, “This is my first time winning a prize since I was born … I mean, thank you, but no, my friends are in box 118, and I’m going to look for them. “

“I think with your current condition, it would be more suitable for you to go back to your room to rest first and then meet up with your friends.”

Qi Xia finally realised that when she was drunk, she had caused some trouble, and her hair and clothes were in a mess. If she appeared in front of his colleagues like this, who knows what sort of nasty words would come out from their mouths.

“Alright, can I trouble you to inform my colleagues?”

Shaojinhan smiled as he accepted, and then passed the VIP room card to her, “Beautiful young miss, I wish you a pleasant night.”

“Thank you.” Qi Xia sighed, the service of this bar was really good. But she ignored the cunning look that flashed past Shaojinhan’s eyes.

Qi Xia used the room key to open the door, the lights in the room seemed to be broken, no matter how she pressed it, the lights were not lit, in any case, it was still a prize, so there was no need to care so much.

She felt her way forward, took off her shoes and threw herself on the bed. She didn’t feel the soft mattress, only the hot, hard thing.

She touched her chest again, causing her to jump off the bed in fright. Heavens, there was actually a man lying on the bed!

Qi Xia was so shocked that all the alcohol seemed to have gone away, her heart was thumping hard. The service of this pub was too great, it even provided special services to the customers who won the prize.

But she didn’t need it, not even a little bit!

She was currently in a state of disarray, she would definitely be mocked by them if she returned to the private box. How about she make it through the night? She could sleep on the sofa.

Borrowing the moonlight to find the location of the landline, he called her home in a low voice, “Aunt, it’s Xiaxia here, I’m staying at Ru Xin’s house tonight. I won’t be going back, you should rest early.”

“Xiaxia, your Auntie Li has introduced another person to you. We’ll meet tomorrow at the same place, so don’t be late.”

Qi Xia massaged her temples with a headache, “Aunt, I’ve said this many times, I don’t want to be a blind date, and I don’t want to get married.

“How can that be? To a woman, the most important thing is family. Look at you, you’re no longer young, it’s time to start dating!” If your mother was still there, she would have wanted to see you married and have children. “

“Alright, alright, Aunt, I’m going to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow!”

“Don’t forget to meet her at noon!”

“Got it!” Qi Xia said perfunctorily and quickly ended the call.

A blind date? Of course not!

The purpose of dating was to get married and have kids, but she didn’t want to get married at all. As for having kids, she could consider it a little.

A bold idea suddenly popped out in Qi Xia’s mind. How about, giving birth to a child?

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