Chapter 1 Leftover female

“Are you for real?” How do you know if it’s Qi Xia or the old leftover girl? “

“You are a newcomer, of course you don’t know. The matter of her being a survivor is no longer a secret in our company!”

The moment Qi Xia walked into the washroom, she heard such a hot topic.

“Tell me, why is she not in love at such an age? Does no one want her, or is there a problem?”

Qi Xia’s brows twitched, she was twenty-four years old, was she very old?

Another person said in disdain, “I heard that she has been dating everywhere recently and wants to marry herself. However, who would dare to take a woman like her?”

“There’s gossip!” Come on, tell me, what’s the matter with her? “

“I heard that she had no parents since she was young and lived in an orphanage for a while. Finally, she was brought home by her aunt. Of those women who come from this family, how many are normal? She might even be mentally ill! So after so many engagements, she still hadn’t married out yet! Xiao Xi, you have to be careful. I saw that she has a good relationship with you recently, it can’t be that she’s interested in you, right? “

“Ah, no! So disgusting! “

The two people in the cubicle cried out “So disgusting.” They had no idea that the person they were gossiping about was gnashing their teeth.

She had only been a little friendly to her new colleague. How could she be as disgusting as they said? These women had nothing to do after eating their fill!

Luo Xi and Chen Li came out of the washroom, still ridiculing Qi Xia. Unexpectedly, they saw Qi Xia with her arms crossed, looking at them with a smile.

“Qi, Qi Xia…”

Qi Xia laughed brilliantly: “You guys are here too, what a coincidence!”

“Yes, yes, we’re ready. Let’s go …”

Qi Xia waved his hand while smiling, “Take care, I won’t send you off.”

Just as he finished his sentence, he heard two bangs. Rosie and Chen Li, who wore high-heeled shoes, fell heavily onto the floor. Chen Li was in so much pain that she ignored her image and shouted, “Which bastard poured the hand lotion on the toilet door?”

“Aiya, are you alright? I told you to walk slowly. Look, now you’ve fallen. ” Qi Xia looked down at the two of them who were struggling in a sorry state from above, and sneered, “If you walk too fast, you might fall down.

He just didn’t want to date or get married. What was hindering them? Why did they have to say it like that to her?!

Qi Xia sat at the bar counter with a depressed look on her face. She picked up her wine cup and drank a few mouthfuls until her head started to grow dizzy, only then did she remember that she couldn’t drink, only a little alcohol would make her drunk. Since she was young, her aunt had forbade her to drink.

Her head grew dizzy and the figure in front of her became more and more heavy. She wanted to call her good sister, but she couldn’t find her bag no matter how hard she tried. Ah, the bag seemed to have been forgotten by her in the party’s private room. Qi Xia stood up absentmindedly, staggered towards the private room, and fell down onto the cold floor.

Her butt was in so much pain, Qi Xia frowned, she looked around at the many heads shaking in confusion, she extended her finger and laughed as she counted, “One, two, three …” She, who was already completely drunk, had no idea how charming she looked.

Her long black hair was tied up, revealing her slender neck. As she fell to the ground, her body slightly leaned forward with her phoenix eyes half-closed. She was like a lazy cat, her whole body exuding a different kind of elegance.

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