Chapter 10 Kyphosis

“Just say that I’m going on a business trip.”

After hanging up the phone, Qi Xia touched her stomach in annoyance, thinking, God, you have to make me pregnant, otherwise, my sacrifice will be too great!

When she returned to the magazine, the first thing Qi Xia did was to find the editor to resign.

Li Sha raised her head and looked at Qi Xia who had walked in, “Qi Xia, you came at the right time. I have some good news to tell you. The Cheng Hao group just sent over a piece of news, saying that Helian Cheng has agreed to do our exclusive interview, but asked you to do it. “

Qi Xia did not expect to see him so soon. Taking a deep breath, Qi Xia went straight to the point, “Sister Li Sha, I’m sorry, I can’t do this interview. I want to resign.”

Lisa was surprised. “You’ve been doing very well. Why did you suddenly resign?”

“My health hasn’t been too good recently. I want to rest for a while.” On the way back to the company, Qi Xia had already thought of an excuse.

“If it’s a physical reason, I can help you get a month off.”

‘s attitude was firm, and after Lisa tried to persuade him for a while, she became serious, “Qi Xia, I’ll be honest with you, Helian Cheng is only willing to accept your interview, even if you want to resign, you have to finish this interview first. If you don’t want to do it, you just have to pay the company a hundred and fifty thousand in breach of contract. “

Qi Xia silently added all the money on the card into her account, it was only one hundred and forty thousand, if she were to give all of this money to the company, she would have no other choice but to drink west wind.

Lisa saw the look of embarrassment on her face and began to speak kindly, “In the past two years, you have been doing very well. Lisa saw the look of embarrassment on her face and started to speak kindly,” In the next two years, you have done very well.

Qi Xia’s eyes suddenly lit up. If she went to Europe, she would be able to get rid of Helian Cheng, and if she was pregnant, she would be able to give birth to her child without any pressure from the public. She smiled, “Sister Li Sha, I will continue doing this interview, but I want to go to Europe.”

Helian Cheng sat at the wide office desk, his tall and straight body gave Qi Xia a sense of oppression. His handsome face was expressionless and his eyes were cold and profound, as if he could see her internal organs, causing her to shiver from the cold.

“Woman, we meet again.”

Qi Xia’s lips twitched, she secretly cursed, I don’t want to see you, not even a little!

Helian Cheng taunted, “You sure know how to posture, Helian Bi’s woman? The cleaners? ” When he saw from the lobby monitor how she had escaped from the Cheng Hao building, he was angry, but at the same time he couldn’t help but admire her intelligence.

Qi Xia lowered her head and continued to maintain her silence.

“Don’t you want to explain?”

Qi Xia coughed and laughed, “Actually there is nothing much to explain. That night, we were all drunk, yes, drunk.”

Helian Cheng did not leave any face for her, and coldly said, “Drunk? How did I hear you were sober! What is your motive for approaching me first and then playing such a trick? “

Qi Xia pretended to be confused and blinked his eyes, “What plan? “I was really just drunk. I thought you were a bull in a bar, so I even sent you 500 yuan for a tip …”

The more Qi Xia spoke, the softer her voice became, because she noticed that Helian Cheng’s expression was getting uglier and uglier. In the end, he suddenly stretched out her hand and pinched her neck, and said while clenching his teeth, “Shut up!” This was a stain on his life. He wanted to kill her.

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