Clinical Trials: The Fundamentals

Clinical trials are an important part of medical research and these investigations help determine how new treatments will work in human patients and also in collecting valuable data about the effects of new drugs, medical approaches, and procedures.This ebook gives an overview of the clinical trials process, the ethical requirements, latest trends, and the importance of a clinical trials database. Our goal for this ebook is to provide young clinical researchers with comprehensive information regarding the various processes involved. We’ve included specific pointers which researchers can adopt while conducting clinical trials and also while publishing their trials in journals.
Title: Clinical Trials: The Fundamentals
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Author: Enago Academy
Genre: medical
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 22
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Clinical trials are the heart of medical research. It is critical to follow the procedures and be aware of the challenges involved in designing a clinical trial. This e-book is intended for early stage clinical researchers who are interested in designing a clinical trial and wish to learn more about it. We have tried to compile some of the essential information in this free downloadable e-book and hope that you find it informative.

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