Chapter 7 You have to pay a price

I directly threw the clothes in my hands on Zhang Cheng’s face: “Do you think I can’t recognize my clothes if you leave them behind?”

As he said, he went to tear Lin Ling’s clothes again: “What? A man who snatches someone else can’t do it, even the clothes that people wear are also snatched. Why are you so shameless!”

Lin Ling was taken aback by my actions, and hurriedly protected her stomach and hid behind Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng threw his clothes on the ground, stopped me without saying anything, and slapped me in the face.

I was stunned. I was with Zhang Cheng for seven years. When the quarrel was the worst, he didn’t touch me a finger, but now he beat me because of this incident.

Lin Ling looked at me gleefully behind Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng was also a little stunned, and quickly explained: “You are too crazy, I’m afraid you will hurt the child in Lin Ling’s stomach.”

With this slap, all my little attachments for him disappeared.

If I am still stubbornly maintaining this marriage, it is that I stubbornly do not want to make room for Xiao San, and the most important thing is that I have become more and more aware of Zhang Cheng’s true face.

When a man is ruthless, he is really ruthless. If I get divorced, Zhang Cheng’s ruthlessness will definitely give me half of the debt.

Because I asked my girlfriend to help with the investigation, Zhang Cheng didn’t know how to do it. Anyway, he couldn’t find evidence of his transfer of assets during the marriage, nor could he prove that Xiao San’s house was bought by him. It shows that he has already calculated all this.

I was in a daze. I don’t know how Zhang Cheng and Lin Ling left, but when I got back to my senses, they got in the car and ran away. The breath in my heart was stuck there, making me breathless for a long time.

As I squatted on the ground, the pain in my heart was like being held tightly by someone’s hands, and the pain was terrible.

In the end, I was pulled up by Sheng Shihua from the ground. The palm prints on my face were very conspicuous. He gently touched my injured face with his hand, squinting, and said in a dangerous tone: “Who did it?”

“Zhang Cheng.” As I said this, I felt wronged and cried out holding Sheng Shihua.

During this period of time, I have been very strong and rarely cry. Maybe Sheng Shihua has seen it once, or maybe it is my lover relationship with Sheng Shihua, which makes me feel that he can temporarily rely on me.

Tired of crying, Sheng Shihua took me into the car and gave me a piece of tissue.

“Just that good?” He raised his eyebrows and laughed at me.

“The clothes you bought were given to Xiao San by Zhang Cheng. You said how could he be so shameless.” I gasped and wiped my tears.

“He is not shameless in this day or two, and a piece of clothing is worth your gaffe?”

“But you gave it.”

I don’t know where I am pleased with this. Sheng Shihua reached out and touched my head: “That dress is actually quite ordinary. I’ll take you to buy a set.”

The tone suddenly spoiled like a child, my heart was soothed instantly, and my heart suddenly warmed.

This time, Sheng Shihua took me into a high-end designer store. I looked at the label of a piece of clothing and was shocked by the five-digit number on it.

“From top to bottom, give her a set.” Sheng Shihua directly ordered the clerk.

After a few meetings, the clerk chose a few sets of clothes, made gestures on me, and asked for my opinion: “Your skin is white and looks good in everything you wear, but these are more prominent. You can try them.”

I tried a few sets, and finally chose a set of clothes called gray. The style is simple and generous, and the most important thing is that it has a good temperament.

When Sheng Shihua gave the card to the clerk, I was stopped: “I will pay for the clothes.”

He frowned, very unhappy.

“This is Zhang Cheng’s secondary card, just as the price he paid for hitting me.” I took out a card from my wallet and pointed to the palm print on my face.

Recently, Zhang Cheng can be said to be very short of money. His monthly income is 20,000 to 30,000, but the mortgage has to be removed from 10,000 yuan. Lin Ling is pregnant and spends money on it. It can be said that he has been overwhelmed. He is bleeding.

Sheng Shihua obviously understood my thoughts, and no longer forced them. The clerk saw that I was buying neatly, and quickly picked me a pair of shoes for me.

A set of clothes and shoes costs 50,000 yuan. It is estimated that Zhang Cheng who received the text message will be in pain.

Sure enough, Zhang Cheng’s phone came when I was in the car. I looked at Sheng Shihua and simply turned off the phone.

“Follow me to the company!”

“What are you going to do there?” My heart suddenly became nervous, and I must not let him grab the handle of my derailment before I could tear my face with Zhang Cheng.

“Help you out.”

I didn’t quite understand what Sheng Shihua meant. I almost went into the elevator with my head down and followed him. Fortunately, it is not working time and there are not many people in the elevator, so I was relieved.

“Just that courage?” Sheng Shihua laughed at me.

I looked at him angrily. At this moment, the elevator door opened on the third floor, and I quickly lowered my head.

“Zhang Cheng, my sister may be busy shopping if she doesn’t answer the phone! What are you angry about?”

This voice was very familiar, it was clearly Lin Ling’s voice, and as he was thinking, Sheng Shihua suddenly blocked me, then directly held my face up and kissed it directly.

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