Chapter 6 I underestimated his shamelessness

At first I was worried, but gradually I became addicted to his super-high kissing skills. This time was different from the last two times. One was because of his rude actions because of Chinese medicine, and the other was hurried because of short time and no foreplay.

But this time, Sheng Shihua had a lot of patience and almost exhausted all his efforts on me. At least I was very comfortable, even more comfortable than when I was working with Zhang Cheng, and I really tasted happiness.

This time I did it in the middle of the night. I didn’t stay overnight. Sheng Shihua knew of my concerns a long time ago and didn’t keep it. He asked the assistant to buy me a set of clothes for me to replace and threw it in the bathroom. clothes.

When I just got home, the dark living room suddenly lit up, and I was taken aback.

I saw my mother-in-law sitting on the sofa staring at me coldly: “Why are you coming back now?”

I didn’t answer her words, looked around, and turned the subject away: “Where is Zhang Cheng?”

“You walk on the front foot and he walks on the back. I don’t know what you young people are doing all day. No wonder my grandson hasn’t settled for so many years.” The mother-in-law complained with dissatisfaction.

After taking a look at me, he continued: “This time I won’t leave with your dad. I’ll just stare at you and give birth to my grandson. When the grandson is born, I will help you take care of…”

I didn’t expect it to be like this. My parents-in-law had never been here before, but I went back to the country because of the uncomfortable environment for at most a month. This time, I didn’t expect to live with my grandson. My whole head became bigger.

With my current relationship with Zhang Cheng, I don’t want him to touch him, let alone having children.

“Then you always live here!” I glanced at her faintly, and went straight back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I can still hear the mother-in-law in the living room complaining loudly to her father-in-law: “Look, it’s like an ancestor. She used to install it before, but now she doesn’t even install it. What do you think she has! No! Work, don’t make money, and you can’t give birth to a child, so what’s the trick.”

I plugged my ears with my earphones and focused on the WeChat sent to me by Sheng Shihua, and I answered him a few words.

This kind of mutual flirtation feels like it brought me back to the time of adolescence and love. Because of the content of a text message, I would giggle and shy for a while.

In order to prevent others from discovering my little secret, I specially set a password, which is directly set to the date when I first had a relationship with Sheng Shihua.

I lowered my head and glanced at the clothes on my body. This is a big-name clothes, with a set of tens of thousands of dollars. At least Zhang Cheng has never been willing to buy it for me.

But maybe the mother-in-law has a bad memory and didn’t pay much attention to my new clothes. The explanation I thought at the beginning was useless.

Not long after I slept, Zhang Cheng came back. After coming back, his cell phone kept ringing. I don’t need to look at it. I also know that it must be Lin Ling. He wore slippers and went to the balcony to make phone calls in a sneaky manner. The thing is the same, but the description is similar.

When we slept, we were back to back, because we had a secret between each other, I realized that the matter between him and Lin Ling was not as uncomfortable as it was at the beginning, and it felt like the sky was falling. At least, I Now he is no better than him.

In the next morning, Zhang Cheng finally found my new clothes. He obviously recognized the label on it. He spoke in a very bad tone: “I still have to pay a mortgage of 10,000 yuan a day. You Can you save a little? You can spend 10,000 yuan on this outfit.”

“Do you blame me for repaying the ten thousand mortgage? Did I force you to take out the loan? The monthly payment for the two houses and the two wives are the price.” I sneered at Zhang Cheng.

Since he is willing to raise two, what can I save for him? Is it just waiting for him to spend all his money on others?

Besides, he didn’t send the clothes.

Zhang Cheng’s face turned red and white with anger, and he was afraid that his parents were there, and he didn’t dare to quarrel with me. He could only hold back forcibly, let alone, seeing him like this, my heart was really relieved.

When my child had a miscarriage and Zhang Cheng was dragged out by Xiaosan to fool around, I felt like I was being sharpened by a blunt knife. Zhang Cheng’s aggrieved aggrieved point was only a trifle compared to those.

I thought this incident was like a small wave, and it would not make any waves, but I did not expect that I still underestimated his shamelessness.

I discovered the problem when I planned to wear this new dress on a date with Sheng Shihua.

I don’t know when the clothes were changed. Although the style is the same, the fabric is obviously much worse and the label is not clear. It is obviously a high imitation.

I took this dress angrily and went straight out.

Because Zhang Cheng didn’t answer the call, I went directly to Lin Ling to stop him. As expected, he was here.

And I almost saw the clothes Lin Ling was wearing at a glance. They were exactly the same as the ones in my hands. No, it was clearly mine.

Sense was immediately buried in anger. At this moment, I didn’t know if I was angry at Zhang Cheng’s shamelessness, or at the tarnished clothes that Sheng Shihua gave me. Anyway, I did something special about a bitch.

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