Chapter 5 Rules are up to me

“Give it back to me!” I stood up and snatched the mobile phone from Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng didn’t expect my reaction to be so big. After looking at my stare for a while, the corner of his lips curled up with an ironic smile: “Who came from the text message and did you react so much?”


I replied faintly, and took my mobile phone directly into the bedroom. After opening the message, it turned out to be sent by Sheng Shihua.

“This is my number, you write it down, and, are you free? Come out and invite you to dinner.”

Seeing his message, my heart couldn’t stop my heartbeat speeding up, maybe men are really different to the women drawn into their encirclement, at least Sheng Shihua is not as cold as before.

I held my phone, hesitating to go.

But in the end, I looked at the harmonious family in the restaurant and decided to go out. For this, I dressed up again and wore a necklace around my neck that was almost shelved.

“My friend told me to go out.”

“What friend? Telling you to go out so late?” The mother-in-law became dissatisfied first.

“It’s not too late now! In Greater Shanghai, the nightlife is just beginning.” As I said, I changed my high heels.

Zhang Cheng narrowed his eyes and looked at me for a while, staring at the necklace around my neck: “This necklace was bought when we were in love! Why are you willing to bring it out now?”

“Looking at Lin Ling’s necklace is pretty good-looking, so I took it out and put it on.” I replied with a smile, and Zhang Cheng’s expression instantly became uncomfortable.

With a guilty conscience, he didn’t care about where I went, and I managed to escape from home.

When I went downstairs, I saw Sheng Shihua’s car parked there. He was leaning against the car, who was so long and handsome.

“How will you be here?”

It only takes a minute or two from texting to now.

“I’ll text you when I get here.” As he said, he opened the door sideways.

He seems very certain that I will come down. This feeling of being seen and controlled by others is not too good. He always feels that such a man is too dangerous.

“Go to Lao Yuan’s private kitchen to eat!”

The place he said was the restaurant where I had an affair with Sheng Shihua at noon. Hearing this name, the things that I did with Sheng Shihua in the bathroom suddenly appeared in my mind, and blood poured in instantly. , I burned my face flushed.

What he said was almost not soliciting my opinion, but just a notice.

When eating in this restaurant, I feel like sitting on pins and needles, and I always feel that I will meet acquaintances, or I may be found out by others, just like a guilty conscience, and I feel a little nervous.

“Follow me to the hotel tonight.”

“No, my in-laws are at home, so I need to restrain myself temporarily.” I shook my head quickly.

When Sheng Shihua heard what I said, he put his chopsticks aside and looked at me with a sneer: “Since you provoke me, then I will decide the rules of the game.”

Only then did I realize that it seemed that I was in a big trouble. I thought that the two do not owe each other, and only talked about sexual extramarital affairs. In fact, they were not equal from the beginning.

“Don’t you want to retaliate against them? Can’t even pass this hurdle?”

I know that Sheng Shihua used words to arouse me, but he is too good at grasping people’s hearts. A simple housewife like me really can’t get out of his palm.

I don’t know how confused I was brought into the hotel by him, or the old place yesterday, but the situation is a little different.

The sober and prosperous world is more open and requires higher quality in certain aspects.

When taking a shower, he forcibly pulled me into the bathroom together. Before I took off my clothes, he turned on the shower head and my clothes got wet.

Because I was wearing a chiffon shirt, when I got wet, it immediately turned into a transparent color, and I couldn’t hide my beautiful figure.

“The clothes are wet, how can I go back?” I whispered to him.

“Xu Xiaorong, at this time, you still have the mood to think about this.” As he said, he hugged me and started kissing.

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