Chapter 4 The Scared Bird

Like a frightened bird, I quickly hid my body in Sheng Shihua’s arms, holding Sheng Shihua’s clothes on his chest tense with my fingers. Sheng Shihua’s height is 185 and I am 1.65 meters tall. I am very petite in front of Sheng Shihua. There should be no problem blocking me.

I heard the flustered voice of my mother-in-law: “Oh my God! I went to the wrong bathroom.”

Then hurriedly turned around and ran out.

I was so frightened that I was in a cold sweat, and my clothes were wet with sweat. I heard Sheng Shihua teasing me in my ears.

“You still want to learn to cheat if you are so courageous?”

Thinking of his mischief just now, I was so angry that I bit directly at a point on his chest, but I didn’t force it, just nibble.

I heard Sheng Shihua snorting, breathing quickly.

He hugged me up, then directly opened a compartment for sundries, hugged me in, and locked the door.

“Sheng Shihua, it’s not possible here.” The shock just now made my heart calm down, and I couldn’t help pushing Sheng Shihua with my hands.

“Xu Xiaorong, you took the initiative to provoke me.” Sheng Shihua narrowed his eyes, and there was a danger hidden.

“do not–“

“Xu Xiaorong, this is the last chance, are you sure you want to give up?” Sheng Shihua looked at me mockingly.

For the last chance, I know what Sheng Shihua means. If I don’t follow it, it may be difficult to climb into the sky if I want to climb on his bed in the future.

Thinking of the torment I have suffered these days, and the temptation to give up my dignity that day, none of these allow me to shrink.

Thinking of this, I closed my eyes and took the initiative to untie the clothes on my body. Once I set foot on some roads, I would walk down barefoot even if it was full of thorns.

The moment I was penetrated, my tears almost stayed because of pain.

But this is my choice. I finally pulled Sheng Shihua onto my warship, how could I easily let him go, even if it was uncomfortable, I endured it with all my strength and strongly catered to him.

After Sheng Shihua resolved it, he took out a stack of money from his wallet: “Take it, and go out and buy a box of emergency contraceptives.”

I don’t want to take money, so it looks too mean.

“It’s just for living expenses, not for being covered.”

He chuckled lightly, then put the money directly into my hand.

Then he put on his pants and opened the door directly.

My legs ached for a while, and I was sitting on the toilet in a skirt, my eyes trance.

My goal has been achieved, but I don’t have the joy I imagined at this time. After the excitement and love, it is endless emptiness and loneliness.

But this sadness didn’t let it last for a few seconds, so I cleaned up and got out of the bathroom.

The parents-in-law and mother-in-law are already full, and there are still a lot of vegetables left. They have to pack them, and I don’t stop them, and let the waiter pack them.

After taking my in-laws home, I was so tired that I went directly to the bedroom to sleep.

From last night to this day during the day, I was really exhausted, and soon, I fell asleep in a daze.

In my dream, I dreamt that I was rolling with Sheng Shihua again. His sturdy body made me breathless.

Suddenly, I felt that this dream was too real. I opened my eyes and saw Zhang Cheng pressing on me, his hands unbuttoning my shirt.

I pushed him away suddenly, and said sharply: “What are you doing?”

“What do you do with such a big reaction? My parents are still at home, so keep your voice down.” Zhang Cheng’s expression was dissatisfied.

“Don’t touch me.” I looked at him coldly.

“You are my wife, who will you let me touch?” Zhang Cheng looked at me with a gloomy face.

“If you want to touch, touch your lover.” As I said, I turned over and turned my back to Zhang Cheng.

“Lin Ling is pregnant, it is not convenient now.”

“Then what about me! It didn’t take long for me to have a minor birth.”

“Aren’t you already clean? Besides, don’t you want to?” Zhang Cheng pounced on me again.

I felt sick in my heart. It felt like being raped by a disliked person. I kicked him regardless, Zhang Cheng was unprepared, and my foot hit my heart.

It was so painful that he took a breath, clutching his little brother, and his posture was like a shrimp.

“Xu Xiaorong, you are really cruel.”

“You have the ability to speak up!”

If it was before, I would have been distressed, but now, I only hate myself for not wearing shoes, this foot is not ruthless enough.

Zhang Cheng felt that he had lost face. In the past, I was very gentle in front of him, and his position at home was highly praised by me. This change made him unable to recover.

“Xu Xiaorong, you are in a bad mood now. I don’t care about you. When you turn your mind, let’s talk about it.” His voice suddenly softened, and he was accommodating to my appearance.

I was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and my quick talk did not help me much in my current situation. What’s more, my in-laws were still there, and I didn’t want to leave any bad handles in front of them.

But after all, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I got up and walked directly outside.

The mother-in-law heated up the leftovers from the restaurant and cooked the porridge. She was very upset when she saw that I had just gotten up, “You are not pregnant now, why are you still sleeping so late?”

I have heard the word “pregnancy…” countless times today, and the wound in my heart tore and open, dripping blood.

“Physical discomfort.”

“You don’t go to work all day, do nothing at home, and have so many problems.” Mother-in-law mumbled softly at the dining table.

The father-in-law coughed and reminded her in a low voice: “Okay, just say a few words!”

His stomach was hungry and his appetite suddenly disappeared.

Just thinking about it, my phone rang, and as soon as I was about to pick it up from the table, Zhang Cheng took the lead.

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