Chapter 3 Unexpected encounter in the bathroom

“I said, I hate other people’s calculations.” He coldly dropped this sentence, then put on his jacket, and walked out without looking back.

Men are people who don’t recognize people when they lift their pants. Thinking about it, I grabbed the pillow and threw it in the direction of Sheng Shihua.

Sheng Shihua just closed the door, and the pillow slammed on the door panel and fell down with a clatter.

And I deliberately climbed onto Sheng Shihua’s bed, but ended in failure.

After I came out of the bathroom, my phone kept ringing.

As soon as I received the call, I heard Zhang Cheng’s voice: “Xu Xiaorong, where are you now?”

“Do you care where I am? Anyway, you won’t come home at night.” I sneered back to him.

Such verbal quarrels have occurred countless times since they discovered that Zhang Cheng had derailed. It was like venting the frustration in my heart. How could it hurt people?

“Xu Xiaorong, I know I am sorry for my cheating, but Lin Ling is pregnant and I must take responsibility.” Through the phone, Zhang Cheng’s voice was a little tired.

“Then how are you going to be responsible? Abandon me to be responsible? Also, you only know that Lin Ling is pregnant, but do you know that my child was shed because of your junior.”

Speaking of this, my heart throbbed, saying that I did not love Zhang Cheng is false. We fell in love for four years and got married after graduation. When we were in love, we were an enviable couple among our classmates. , Is also a model couple in their eyes, but such a model couple did not know what went wrong in the middle of the way, and went to such a point.

On the other end of the phone, Zhang Cheng was silent for a long time before speaking slowly: “None of us want something like that to happen. Lin Ling also apologized to you, and you can rest assured that Lin Ling said that we will not damage our family, as long as the children After giving birth, I will take it back for you to raise, anyway, your pregnancy is difficult…”

“Zhang Cheng, you bastard…”

I was so angry that I just dropped the phone, Zhang Cheng treated me as a fool, right? He even thought that I would help him raise an illegitimate child outside.


I went home angrily. As soon as I arrived at the gate of the community, I saw Zhang Cheng’s car with a pregnant Lin Ling sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

“Where did Sister Xu go? Did you know that Zhang Cheng looked for you all night.” Lin Ling got out of the car, gloating in her eyes.

I don’t know if the man is blind or not, so the blatant demonstration is completely invisible, and he really thinks that the mistress in his heart is a pure white lotus!

“Lin Ling, you dare to dangle in front of me now, don’t you be afraid that I will push you to let the meat in your stomach flow out?” My eyes stared at her stomach sullenly.

Lin Ling was frightened by the look in my eyes, and took a step back guarding his stomach.

Zhang Cheng parked the car and walked over here.

“Xiao Rong, if you have anything to do with me, don’t threaten Lin Ling.” Zhang Cheng almost immediately protected Lin Ling behind him, and then looked at me with alert.

I looked at Zhang Cheng sadly, with a bit of disappointment and sarcasm in my tone: “Zhang Cheng, I have been with you for seven years, so do you miss me?”

Zhang Cheng was evoked by my words, and a little embarrassed, he returned: “I am afraid that you are too impulsive. You must know that Lin Ling is still pregnant with a child.”

My child, this word touched the sensitive wound in my heart, and the pain trickled into blood.

The disappointment with Zhang Cheng made me no longer want to stay with them for another minute, and asked impatiently, “What? Are you looking for me just to say this?”

“My parents are coming here. Remember to pick up the train at ten o’clock in the morning at the station.”

Sure enough, if there is nothing important, how could he remember me now.

I was thinking about slamming him and letting his little lover pick him up, but after thinking about it, it was not the time to tear my skin: “Okay, I remember.”

Zhang Cheng used to be busy with work, and I used to pick him up, but his mood was different before and now.

“Well, I’ll go to work first.”

With that said, Zhang Cheng pulled Lin Ling into the car, and then left.

It was eleven o’clock when Zhang Cheng’s parents returned home, and I was too lazy to cook, so I took them to eat outside.

For this reason, I specially selected the one with a good reputation and the most expensive price. Nothing else, just because I was frugal and cheaper as a junior, now I cannot be as stupid as before.

“This is too extravagant. Just buy a few dishes and cook them at home. Your top priority now is to save money to have children. Your father and I are waiting to hug your grandson!” The mother-in-law looked at the dishes in front of the table with meat. pain.

Hearing her talk about the child, my heart ache again, and tears almost fell.

“what happened to you?”

“I’m not feeling well, I’ll go to the bathroom first.” The sourness in my heart suddenly spread like a tide.

I covered my mouth and went to the sink before tears swarmed.

Since the childbirth, my best friend advised me not to cry, because it was bad for my health, so I kept on not crying, but when my mother-in-law asked about the baby, I couldn’t help it anymore.

I turned on the faucet, crying and tears, embarrassed.

At this moment, a piece of facial tissue was handed to me.

I took it and said thank you in a muffled voice, then wiped away my tears. As soon as I looked up, I saw Sheng Shihua leaning against the sink with his arms.

“Why are you here?” I looked at him in shock.

“When I accompanied the client to dinner and went to the bathroom, I found a woman here crying in spite of her image.” He had a disgust on his face.

“You really have no sympathy.” I wiped my nose and choked at him.

“I gave you a tissue.”

I looked stiffly at a piece of tissue in my hand. Is this sympathetic?

“Could it be that I have to agree to your proposal to be sympathetic?” He suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at me.

“What’s wrong with my proposal?”

Having said that, I didn’t know where the courage came from, so I stood on tiptoe and kissed him.

Sheng Shihua didn’t expect me to be so courageous. When my body became stiff and lost for a moment, I took the opportunity to attack the city.

Kissing a man forcefully on this occasion must be the boldest thing I have ever done in my life.

After I released Sheng Shihua, I looked at him provocatively and asked, “How do you feel?”


I am proud of my face: “The affair lies in a stolen word, and the unspeakable excitement is the most touching one. Mr. Sheng, have an extramarital relationship with me, okay?”

Sheng Shihua looked at me with deep eyes. After a while, a smile suddenly appeared on his face. The smile was evil and mysterious, and people only wanted to be immersed in the abyss of beauty he arranged.

“it is good.”

But I have been immersed in his beauty. In the final analysis, regardless of men and women, they are all color-oriented and easy to be attracted by beauty. I am no exception.

“Xiaorong, how are you?”

As soon as the sound rang, I was pulled into the bathroom by Sheng Shihua.

Maybe it was the nearest one, so he didn’t look at the men and women. He pressed me against the wall as soon as he entered the door.

“What are you doing?” I didn’t expect Sheng Shihua to make such a move, and my heart suddenly raised his throat.

“Fuck you.” Sheng Shihua curled up his lips, and said in a cold tone: “You have aroused my lust, you won’t miss the fire!”

“Don’t my mother-in-law is still outside.” I don’t care if I am affair with Sheng Shihua, but I don’t want to be caught by my mother-in-law in the bathroom.

“You have the courage to cheat, are you afraid of being discovered?” Sheng Shihua pressed my ears, his voice evil.

As I was talking, I heard the bathroom door being opened, followed by my mother-in-law’s exclamation: “Xiao Rong–“


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