Chapter 2 I am not your tool for revenge on the scumbag

“Why are you here?” Sheng Shihua’s cold eyes narrowed slightly, and the expression in those eyes was like examining a prisoner.

In a panic, I pulled the thin quilt over my body and forced my composure: “Does Mr. Sheng want to turn his face and deny him?”

After hearing what I said, Sheng Shihua sneered, and suddenly leaned over and pinched my chin with his fingers, his tone was a bit sullen and cold: “I know your purpose very well.”

These words made my body stiff, and my heart suddenly lifted up. I comforted myself that he couldn’t know, and then adjusted his expression, pretending to be calm: “Ms. Sheng is really joking, what purpose can I have?”

Sheng Shihua glanced at me coldly, then let go of my chin, bent over to hook up the suit on the ground, took out the black wallet from it, neatly took out the cash inside, and threw it directly onto the bed.

“This is money for you. What happened last night was completely written off.”

His disdainful eyes seemed to owe me a glance. After being trampled on by Zhang Cheng once, my pride was trampled on by Sheng Shihua again.

That kind of contempt and ridicule touched my already sensitive heart. I stood up and threw the money directly at Sheng Shihua’s face like a grudge, with a proud and tough tone: “I, Xu Xiaorong, will not Sell ​​it for this money.”

The moment the money spilt in Sheng Shihua fell on Sheng Shihua’s face, his expression became gloomy.

The sordid eyes stared at me fiercely, in a dangerous tone: “Since I took office, I have understood the family situation of my subordinates a long time ago. You are deliberately trying to sleep with me for one night, but you want me to be your tool to avenge the scumbag. , Why did you dig a hole, I’m going to jump down.”

The last sentence shocked me being present, yeah! My marriage is not happy, and then I deliberately seduce Sheng Shihua to avenge the scumbag. After all, what I did is not so open and upright, but even if it is, reality does not allow me to be cowardly and shrinking at this time.

Now that the dignity has been put aside, then it is completely degraded, at least, it is better than losing oneself and the purpose has not been achieved.

I chuckled, ignoring my naked body, standing in front of Sheng Shihua frankly: “I admit that I used a method, but does Sheng Zong care about this method? And I am so smart, I still can’t escape you. Fiery eyes.”

“If you want to use this night to coerce me to help you rectify Zhang Cheng, you are wrong. I am a person who has always distinguished between public and private.” Sheng Shihua glanced at me and looked away.

To be honest, I did serve this purpose at first, but now I have changed my mind.

Sheng Shihua’s impression of me is not good. No matter what he does, he still has to make progress gradually. Besides, there are some things and some people, I’m still willing to do things myself.

I smiled bitterly: “Since you know everything about Zhang Cheng, you don’t need to elaborate on it. It’s very simple. I can’t escape this kind of marriage now, but I’m not willing to waste it for such a man. So, I I also need to find some excitement.”

As I said, I turned my face to look at him: “And you, Yan Hao has long legs and strong ability, seems to be a good choice.”

“And I, white and beautiful, long legs, thin waist, match you well, the most important thing is that I will never stick to you, we only talk about sex, not love. This kind of transaction is very cost-effective. .”

Sheng Shihua’s cool eyes glanced over my body, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

I sneered in my heart. If I took off, barely, and stood in front of the man without responding, then I would just find a piece of tofu and hit it to death.

In fact, I have practiced this kind of scene thousands of times in my heart. Although the beginning was a little unexpected, I firmly believe that the ending is still in my grasp.

“Your proposal is really good.”

“Na Sheng is always willing?” I couldn’t help but raise a small smile on my face.

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