Achieving Atonement

“Achieving Atonement” presents a new atonement model that is biblical, ethical, reasonable, comprehensive, ecumenical, and avoids the problems of traditional atonement theories while retaining their truths. The book explains how God is achieving atonement and the place of Christ’s violent death on the cross. The book is 170 pages plus 102 pages Scripture Index and end matter.
Title: Achieving Atonement
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Author: Derek Philip Thompson
Genre: Religion
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 273
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Atonement is not a course of action, but an end, the goal God is seeking to achieve. God’s ways are often said to be a mystery beyond human comprehension. I. H. Marshall (2008, p. 63) said, “It is true that the concept of God the Son suffering and dying is paradoxical and incomprehensible.” Although God’s inner nature is a mystery, his actions in creation are open to investigation. Human nature pursues understanding. Some Christians object to the questioning of their preferred atonement theory, viewing such questioning as a challenge to the gospel itself. Despite the fact that Christianity’s central message is of salvation and reconciliation with God, its theologians disagree over the gospel’s basic logic. Christians must understand the atonement if they are to proclaim the faith to a needy world in a reasonable and coherent manner. After all, the search for truth leads to Jesus, who claimed to be the truth.

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