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Chapter 9 Reunion in the Hospital

Ye Linfeng naturally listened to Wang Yi’s words verbatim. She turned around and smiled arrogantly, “My brother-in-law wants to choose me. Are you envious of it? Also, wipe your lips. Those disgusting harass! Do you not look at yourself in the mirror on weekdays? Even with your virtues, my brother-in-law can also look at them? Don’t want to eat swan meat like a toad!!”

“…You!! “Wang Yi red faced with anger, pound the table,” Yelin Feng, you do not think you are Chengyuan Zhang niece, you’ll be so arrogant! ” “

is! we anyhow a colleague, you speak too difficult listening Some!”

Lu Rongyan couldn’t help but help.

Ye Linfeng has always been arrogant, “I’m arrogant, what’s the matter? What can you do with me? Hit me?”

Wang Yi got angry, and almost rushed forward to do it. Fortunately, I was caught. Qin Muchu stopped in time, and she whispered in Wang Yi’s ear: “Impulse is the devil! We are going to do it here today, and tomorrow’s internship indicators will be gone! Why bother to lose too much? What

Qin Muchu said was reasonable.

Wang Yi is not a particularly confused person. After listening to her advice, no matter how unhappy, he can only endure it. Angrily grabbed the medical records on the table, and went out of the office. Before leaving, he did not forget to be ruthless. He glanced at Ye Linfeng, “What’s so proud of? It’s not just a vase that depends on the relationship! If there is any accident, you will feel better!”


The turmoil in the office was finally because of Wang Yi’s lead. Exited and calmed down.

In the afternoon, there were several emergency treatments for car accidents, and Qin Muchu was too busy to do it. It wasn’t until the dinner time that he finally stopped.

Holding a notebook and some patient information, he came out of the inpatient department, stood at the elevator entrance, waited for the elevator, and prepared to return to the department office.

I was still thinking about the condition of the injured patient just now, but suddenly, with a “ding-“, the elevator door suddenly opened.

Qin Muchu wanted to go in, but when she saw the twin inside, she suddenly froze there, her legs staying on the spot as if they were filled with lead, unable to move.

Inside, it was not someone else standing, but…

Lou Si Shen! !

Qin Muchu was shocked and stunned. For almost a few seconds, he thought he had read it wrong!

He was dressed in a neat white coat, with a crisp dark suit underneath, standing tall and straight.

The light and shadow fell on his handsome face through the glass windows of the promenade, as if it had coated him with a layer of golden afterglow.

He stood in the halo, with a cold aura, arrogant, and noble, just like a king above the top of all living beings, it was prohibitive and unattainable.

At this moment, he was whispering and talking to the girl next to him, with a faint smile on his cold lips.

Qin Muchu only noticed that the girl standing beside him was the daughter of Dean Cheng, Cheng Xuanying!

The relationship between the two seemed very close.

Qin Muchu was taken aback, and the words that Wang Yi was gossiping in the office at noon suddenly flashed in his mind…

It turned out that the handsome and angry head of the department mentioned by Lu Rongyan and Wang Yi, Cheng Xuanying’s fiance…

is him!

How small is this world! Where does life really do not meet… The

intimate scene in front of her, printed in her eyes, seemed somewhat dazzling.

But fortunately, the elevator closed automatically at this time, and she hadn’t had time to step in.

She should be thankful!

After taking a sigh of relief, I realized that a thin layer of sweat was leaking out of the little hand holding the notebook for a long time.

Before she left, the next second, the elevator door was reopened with a “wow–“.

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