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Chapter 8 New Leaders


this day, Qin Muchu is in middle work.

She just sat down on the desk, and Lu Rongyan approached her, and said to her excitedly: “Mu Chu, the new director of our department has arrived today!”


Qin Mu Chu was disappointed. Raising eyebrows does not seem to have much interest.

Take the documents out of the backpack, and listen to Lu Rongyan continue to say to her: “He is so handsome!!”

“Yes! It’s just a walking

aphrodisiac !!” Female colleague Wang Yi also leaned in. He came forward, cut his mouth excitedly, and added: “The voice is so good that it makes people hard to close their legs! Moreover, it is said that the strength is very good! In the American Department of Neurosurgery, there has always been a myth Title.”


Qin Muchu only thought it was funny, “You are too exaggerated!”

“It’s not an exaggeration!” Lu Rongyan anxiously defended the new leader. It’s really Su Dabang! You haven’t seen it, you’re going to see it, and you must be under the uniform of someone else! It’s so handsome!

“That’s it!”


” I heard that they have a consortium background! Almost all four-fifths of the financial industry in City A are under his name, and he also owns five private hospitals in City A! “Wang Yi has a nickname like that “Bao Inquire”, almost no gossip message can escape her ears.

“No?” Lu Rongyan opened his mouth wide in surprise, obviously still a little unbelieving, “There are so many hospitals who come to us to be a small department director? Your message is not wrong, right?”

Even Qin Muchu had some doubts. Do not believe.

“Of course that’s right! They are the president’s prospective son-in-law, Cheng Xuanying’s fiance! Now I know why he is so powerful, so he wants to go to our hospital, right?”

“It turned out to be for Doctor Cheng! In terms of his strength, he should be able to get a higher position in our hospital? But why did he choose to be the director of our department?”

“Who knows then? But I really envy Cheng Xuanying, you say this How much good do you have to do in your life to get such a handsome and rich husband?” Wang Yi looked yearning.

“Come on! Don’t think about other people’s husbands. Director Liu came over for a while and saw that some of our interns were still committing idiots here, so we must take a layer of skin off us!” Qin Muchu kindly reminded them both .

Lu Rongyan changed a serious face, “Mu Chu, we really don’t want to do this. Teacher Liu just said that the new director will choose one of the top students from our four interns to be him. Intern assistant. I listened to what Teacher Liu said. The selected person is almost equivalent to getting the hospital’s gold medal for immunity from death. If you are promoted to this hospital, then victory is in sight!”

“But, this kind of good thing,” You know with your toes, how can it not fall on our three heads!”

Wang Yi said, glanced at Ye Linfeng, who was sitting at the table opposite them, who is also an intern, and said uncomfortable: “Some people, backstage.

But keep it hard!” Ye Linfeng is Cheng Xuanying’s cousin, that is, Dean Cheng’s niece. I was always a little unconvinced, and felt that she should be taught by a better doctor.

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