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Chapter 7 Mysterious Husband

Qin Muchu returned home at more than ten o’clock in the morning.

“My grandmother, why did you return this point? Yesterday, I was busy all night again?”

Qin Muchu walked to the door of the manor villa, and Sister Li respectfully greeted him.

Qin Muchu was a little frustrated by her question, and only lied, “When I was in the emergency department yesterday, I caught a serial car accident. I didn’t walk away for a while, and I couldn’t even listen to the phone.”

“Oh, you guys. The doctor is busy!”

Seeing that Qin Muchu was walking in a strange posture, Lisao quickly stepped forward to help, “Is your leg hurt? Why is it a little awkward to walk?”

“Huh?” Qin Muchu blushed when asked by Sister Li, and quickly said: “No, no…just standing tired, just rest a while!”

In fact, Qin Muchu felt very sorry for her husband!

Does this count as a derailment in marriage?

“By the way, young lady, the young master called early this morning!” The

young master is her new husband!


Qin Muchu was taken aback.

I didn’t realize it was even more imaginary.

In fact, she is completely strange to her so-called husband.

She doesn’t know who his last name is and how old he is.

She didn’t know what it looked like and how tall it was a meter.

She doesn’t even know who is in the family, whether he has a history of marriage, or whether he has any children!

In a word, she knows nothing about this mysterious husband who has been married for more than half a year but has never seen her face!

If she wants her to describe her marriage in four words, it is: extremely absurd.

Even, the person who came to go through the wedding formalities with her was nothing more than an assistant appointed by the man, and she has never had the honor to take a look at the marriage certificate.

And between them, the first rule of marriage is: hidden marriage.

“… Did he say anything?”

“The young master said he has returned to China!”


Qin Muchu was shocked.

“Yeah! Grandma, this time is fine! You finally don’t have to live in such a big house by yourself? If your husband comes back to accompany you, you won’t be so lonely!”

Sao Li was happy!

However, Qin Muchu was not happy at all.

“Didn’t you say that the young master has no plans to return to China in recent years?”

“Uh, maybe the young master misses you too much, Young Master!”


Miss her? That’s a hell! You know, they have been married for so long, but they haven’t even photographed their faces! Where do you think of it?

“Sister Li, have you met your young master?” Qin Muchu couldn’t help but inquired curiously.

“Of course. I took care of the young master when I was abroad.”

“So, what’s your personality? Is it easy to get along with?”


This question made Sister Li hesitate for a long time. Answer cautiously, “I think the young master is a cold-hearted person.”

“That’s not easy to get along with!”

Qin Muchu felt like he was unlovable.

Young lady, you can’t say that. You are the wife chosen by the young master personally. He will definitely treat you well.” “Sister Li, who is the young master of your family sacred? And why does he insist on marrying me? What? Married me and left me here again, what exactly does he want to do?”

Qin Muchu has been pestering Qin Muchu for more than half a year, but she could not even think about it if she wanted to break her head. There is a result.

Six months ago, she married his mother for his tomb, but what about him? What can a man who is rich in the enemy’s country and covering the sky get from himself?

She Qin Muchu admitted that she was all over her body, except for a bit of beauty, there was really nothing to see.

However, can her beauty really be worth a piece of land worth nearly 100 million yuan?

Of course not! Besides, she has given birth to a child! Although her husband is not necessarily aware of her situation.

“Young lady, the young master is back anyway, you should ask him these questions yourself at that time!”

“Well then!” Qin Muchu had no choice but to stop embarrassing Li’s wife.

Qin Muchu only felt that his scalp was very tight when he thought that the man was back.

If she could, she wished that her mysterious husband would never come back for the rest of her life!

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