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Chapter 5 One million is not so easy to earn

“Qin Muchu, this night, you owed me six years ago! One million, but it’s not so easy to earn!!”

He finished indifferently, and his sturdy waist suddenly twitched…the

next moment, there was no sign Yes, take her as your own!

Not even foreplay! !


Qin Muchu screamed in pain.

The tearing pain under her body made her delicate facial features all twisted into a ball.

Cold sweat, scratching down.

Although, this is actually not their first time, although they had another absurd night before, but he didn’t know it.

However, Qin Muchu, who hadn’t had this experience for so many years, still paled with pain.

As soon as she touched her softness, Lou Si Shen’s breath suddenly became heavy, hot, and flushed all over his eyes. Her

waist quickly sank…

But in the next second, her movements stopped suddenly!

In the scarlet eyes, an undercurrent surged like a rainstorm approaching.

It turned out that this was not her first time!

It means that before him, there were other men who visited her body!

Who is that man?

Is it one or many? !

And who is this bad woman’s first man? !

All the questions swallowed all of his reason like a huge poisonous recklessness…

He was like a lion beast that was completely angered, and madly invaded her! Ravage / ravage her! !

It seems that only in this way can she remember him most profoundly and profoundly! !

“It hurts!!”

Qin Muchu was so painful that he almost couldn’t breathe!

Jiao’s body trembled, as if his internal organs were about to be crushed by the man on his body.

The hand clenched into a fist, firmly grasping the white sheet under her body, and the pale white color between her fingers reflected her bloodless face.

“Lou Sichen, you…can’t do this…to me…”

Her eyelids were tearful, and her voice trembled like a sieve with his encroaching movements.

“I…already married!! Did you hear? I…married!!”

Yes! She is married, she married half a year ago!

Although she doesn’t know who her husband is, and can’t even call his name, the truth is that she is indeed a married woman!

She is a married woman, how could he treat himself this way?

“How about getting married?”

His voice and the eyes staring at her were as cold as ice, and his thin lips raised slightly. “To me, you are just a desire to vent. That’s all for his tools!!!”

“Asshole!!! Beasts!!!”

Qin Muchu’s eyes were red.

Both hands turned into fists and smashed on his chest. All the tense emotions instantly collapsed and broke the bank. “Lou Sichen, why are you doing this to me!!! Why!!”

The force on her hands was clearly not heavy, and smashed. On his chest, it was like a boulder, making him breathless and uncomfortable.

Her eyes were gloomy for an instant, as she demanded her movements around her waist, she became more and more rude and swift.

She was never qualified to ask him, why! !

“Lou Sichen, I hate you!!”

She screamed hard.

Lou Si Shen’s face was indifferent, his expression was cold, and he hummed, “I don’t want you to fall in love with me!!”

Love, for them, is already too extravagant! !

Also, she is not worthy at all! !

Throughout the whole night, Qin Muchu was fainted and awake by Lou Si Shen, awake and asleep… In a

daze, she could feel herself being turned over, turned over by the man on her body, and even moved from the bed. On the sofa, then on the carpet, he didn’t even let the bathtub go in the end.

The man is like a beast, pressing on her recklessly, seeking joy to his heart’s content.

As if it is, no matter what, it’s not enough!

Never ending! !

Qin Muchu discovered for the first time that it turned out that this man’s combat effectiveness was so strong!

How can ordinary women stand it!

At least, she can’t stand it!

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