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Chapter 4 I want to sue you

“Qin Muchu, I haven’t seen you in six years. I didn’t expect you to be so cheap!”

His voice was hoarse, and what he said was as harsh as a knife, piercing directly into Qin Muchu’s heart.

My heart hurts suddenly.

In the six years that he was separated from him, Qin Muchu had imagined the scene of their reunion countless times, but never thought that they would meet in this manner in the end.

For a long time, she took a deep breath without a trace, adjusted her mood a little, and made herself look as good as possible, “Sorry, I seem to have gone to the wrong room…”

Her face was calm and calm. Alienated.

Of course, the voice couldn’t hide a little trembling.

After that, she was about to get up and go.

But the strong man, like a solid wall, stood still.

Her tender body lightly hit his tough chest, feeling the sultry warmth in his chest, and she quickly lay back again.

Ear tips are slightly hot.

Lou Si’s eyes became heavy, staring at the depths of her dark eyes, the stream of light surging, his eyes slightly burning.

“Let’s go, how much money do you want to climb into my bed this time?”

He asked her condescendingly, like a powerful king, in a mocking tone.


Qin Muchu’s face was pale, “Mr. Lou, I don’t need money this time. I really just went to the wrong room. Would you please let me go down?”

“You think this kind of absurd excuse, Will I believe it?” He sneered.

In fact, Qin Muchu felt that he deliberately humiliated her like this!

Qin Muchu bit her lip, “If you don’t believe me, then I can’t help it! If you let me go, I still have something to do.”

She said, and subconsciously pushed him with both hands.

However, not only did he not push him away, but instead he grabbed his hand and forced it onto the top of her head.

She can’t move at all!

“Qin Muchu, you came here by yourself today, and I have no reason to let you go!” The

dark eyes were very aggressive.

“What do you want to do?” Qin Muchu stared at him warily.

“Want to do…you!”

He let out a sigh of relief at her.

“You ……”

Qin Mo Chu red in the face, cheek cheek hot, cursing the sentence: “stinking rogue !!”

hands struggled to escape his imprisonment, “You let me go!”

“Playing hard tricks in my This is already outdated!” As he

spoke, Lou Si clasped her wrists and increased his strength. His cold face approached her with a strong aura of danger, “Qin Muchu, you didn’t sleep before. Because I can’t bear it! But now…I can’t think of any reason not to sleep with you! After all, in my heart, you are nothing but a cheap commodity!”

Qin Muchu’s brows trembled.

His chest was dull and sharp because of his mean words.

His face became cold and cold, “Let go of me! Mr. Lou, I am not short of money now!”

“But I am now short of a tool to solve my physical desires and hopes!”

Lou Si said coldly, and then invaded her. To go.


Qin Muchu screamed in fright, pale.

“Lou Sishen, what are you doing!!! Bastard!!!”

She struggled to stop his humiliating behavior, but no matter how hard she was, both hands were shackled to death by him, and she couldn’t get away at all!

She was so frightened that she clamped her legs tightly, resisting his assault, “I want to sue you for indecent!”

Lou Si’s dark eyes darkened, and her sexy Adam’s apple slid, “Wait anytime!”

The deep voice is thick and beautiful, with a charming hoarseness.

Let people listen, slightly drunk.

In the next second, he leaned over her domineeringly and forcibly seized her…

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