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Chapter 3 Not seen in six years, still so cheap

This is what a typical dog looks like! Dirty! !

Qin Muchu scolded shamelessly in his heart.

On the bed, the white quilt was tightly wrapped around the pair of’dog men and women’. Therefore, Qin Muchu did not clearly see who was in the quilt. She didn’t even have time to figure out how many people were lying in the quilt.

Thinking of Lu Rongyan’s pitiful appearance and Li Yiqin’s sadness, Qin Muchu felt angry.

Just as Lu Rongyan said, this kind of man should do nothing, teach him a lesson first, give him a fat beating, then talk about it!

Let ya cheat! ! Let Ya Pong Fu Po! !

Shameless stinky man! !

Qin Muchu thought, and rushed towards the’two people’ on the bed angrily.

Without saying a word, he lifted his sleeve tube, and Xiuquan fell on the raised bedding.

“Li Yiqin, you are really not a thing! Is Rongyan not treating you well enough? She has dedicated her best years to you, what do you want?!” In the

quilt, Lou Si was sleeping soundly. But I didn’t want to, and suffered a few dull punches inexplicably.

At first, he thought he was dreaming, but gradually, he felt that this dream became strangely real.

Moreover, this voice…

very familiar!

In the quilt, Lou Si’s somber face sank a bit.

If he heard correctly, this woman…

“Li Yiqin, don’t pretend to be dead!”

Qin Muchu reached out to lift the quilt, but he didn’t know that his hand grabbed a corner of the quilt. Suddenly, his wrist was caught by a big cold hand. Clamp it.

Even before she could react, the person had been forcibly dragged by a strong force and fell onto the soft water bed.


Qin Muchu screamed in fright. In the next instant, a long shadow, full of aggressiveness, enveloped her from top to bottom, and locked her body firmly to the man. Between his strong chest and his strong arms.

The sudden approach made Qin Muchu startled for a few seconds.

The two of them stared at each other, staring at each other.

Qin Muchu looked at the beautiful face that suddenly appeared before

him in shock. For so many seconds, he could hardly believe it… it was him! !

Lou Si Shen…

the person who hasn’t seen each other for a long time…

the distance between the two is close at hand.

The fresh smell of shower gel on his body, accompanied by the scent of the hormones that belonged to him, came into Qin Muchu’s nose, elegant and nice… the

long-lost sense of familiarity, inexplicably, made her, heart, faint Choking.

The eye sockets are a bit tight.

Breathe, stop.

It seemed that even the blood in the body began to freeze.

Time is as if it is still.

In the soft yellow light, the silhouette of Lou Si’s extraordinary beauty was smeared, and under the deep black eyes, the color was dim and secretive, but there was a terrifying crisis hidden.

It really was her, Qin Muchu! !

In the shadows, her skin was transparent and white, like fat, her eyelids were watery, radiant, and her red lips were lightly biting, so that the man just looked at it, and her heart would not move slightly.

Compared with her six years ago, she seems to have not changed a bit, but she has changed significantly.

Undoubtedly, she is more sexy, charming and mature than before. It is unmatched by any young woman!

Such a woman can easily touch the heartstrings of a man with almost every move with one move…

But, except for him! !

“Qin Muchu, I haven’t seen you in six years, I never thought you were still so cheap!”

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