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Chapter 2 Catch the rape in bed

Six years later—the

seven-star sailing hotel of the Empire State Building—

“Rongyan, are you sure your boyfriend is really here?”

Qin Muchu glanced around the magnificent hotel lobby, still a little unbelievable, “open here. Even if you don’t get ten thousand, you still need several thousand!”

Lu Rongyan gritted his teeth angrily, “I’m pretty sure he’s here! In Room 5888, that bastard Li Yiqin had a very rich man next to him. Rich lady!”


Is this still worth it? !

Qin Muchu spurned to the extreme.

“Rongyan, let’s really catch/rape in the bed for a while, what should we do?”

Qin Muchu asked Lu Rongyan behind him, quite worried.

“Get fat first!” “…Are you willing?” Qin Muchu was suspicious.

Lu Rongyan sucked on her pan-acid nose, her eyes could not help but a layer of pink water vapor, “Mu Chu, to be honest, I still feel very uncomfortable in my heart, I want to cry…”

She and Li Yiqin have been talking about it for seven years. From the time she began to fall in love at university to now she is about to talk about marriage, she has contributed all her best youth to that man, but she didn’t expect that it was only his half-heartedness in return.

If she is really not sad at all, it must be false!

“Don’t cry, don’t cry! For that kind of scumbag, what is there to cry for!”

Qin Muchu quickly comforted her. Seeing that she was really unstable, he thought about it, and then proposed: “I think it’s not like this, I’m advanced Go inside to check the situation, and I will call you later if there is a problem. You should rest here and relax your emotions, okay?”

Qin Muchu was actually afraid that if the two of them rushed in, they would really run into Li Yiqin and the rich woman rolling the sheets. According to Rongyan’s temperament, she might not be able to bear such a blow.

Seeing and hearing with your own eyes, the two impacts are definitely not the same thing!

“Can you be alone?” Lu Rongyan was a little worried.

“Don’t worry! He doesn’t dare to do anything with me!”

“…Well, then you be careful.”

“Well, then I will go up first! You give me the room card.”

Lu Rongyan handed her the room card .

Qin Muchu didn’t know how Lu Rongyan got the room card from a friend, but she didn’t think much about it. After taking the room card, she went straight to the fifty-eighth floor.

Lu Rongyan also wanted to follow, but she didn’t dare.

She was afraid, she was afraid that she would see those disgusting pictures that she would never want to see in her entire life!

Qin Muchu found room VVIP5888 on the fifty-eighth floor very smoothly.

I was about to swipe my card, but unexpectedly found that the door of the suite was not locked? The door is just concealed!

Ah! Unexpectedly, these two people are so arrogant, doing this kind of extravagant things, they didn’t even close the door!

Really shameless! !

Qin Muchu cursed in his heart, while feeling the darkness, using the moonlight outside the window, quietly walked in.

After nearly 100 pings of spacious living room, inside is the main bedroom.

She gently opened a crack in the door.

Good guys! !

Inside, clothes are scattered all over the floor… the

man’s black suit, white shirt, grey tie…

Tsk tut! That messy picture can’t bear to look straight! !

But at a glance, Qin Muchu was sure that the clothes on the ground were all handmade and custom-made exclusively by French IPAN, and they were expensive!

Ah! This Li Yiqin is really terrible after climbing the rich woman, even the dressing style suddenly became so tasteful!

This is what a typical dog looks like! Dirty! !

Qin Muchu scolded shamelessly in his heart.

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