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Chapter 10 We are not familiar

She was startled…

Unexpectedly, Cheng Xuanying pressed the button to open the door inside, and smiled at Qin Muchu outside, “Doctor Qin, what are you waiting for when you stand at the door? Come in!”


Qin Muchu felt The expression on my face must be very stiff at this moment!

After breathing for a few seconds, she still took a step and walked in.

Lou Sichen seemed to have noticed her at this time, his eyes fell faintly on her face, the deep and secluded eye pool was like a glacial lake that could not be seen in the dark, without the slightest temperature or the slightest charm.

It seems that she has never been just a stranger to him!

Qin Muchu couldn’t see what he was thinking, but he didn’t dare to look at it.

But even if you don’t look at him, you can still clearly feel that his whole body is like a cold barrier, which separates the cold and arrogant him from others, and teaches people not to get close to him.

Qin Muchu walked into the elevator, turned around quickly, turned his back to them, raised his head, and stared at the changing floor numbers, only praying that the elevator would be faster and faster…

3… …




“Doctor Qin!”

Qin Muchu’s silent floor number was suddenly interrupted by Cheng Xuanying behind him.


Qin Muchu turned back and looked at Cheng Xuanying suspiciously, but did not dare to look at the man next to her.

“You haven’t seen it yet?”

Cheng Xuanying asked Lou Sichen next to her.

Lou Si’s cold and thin lips lightly opened, and his gaze was faint, “I have seen it, but I am not familiar with it!”

Qin Muchu held the document hand and tightened his strength slightly.


This is the definition of the man in front of me!

But they obviously only met in the same bed some time ago and frankly met each other… In the

end, they only fell into an’unfamiliar’ relationship in the end!

That’s great!

“Then I will give you a formal introduction! This is your intern in the Department of Neurosurgery, Qin Muchu. And this one…” Cheng Xuanying said with a little pride than the Lou Si beside her, “Your new diagnostics surgery The head of the department, Lou Si Shen! He was my dad who took a lot of effort to invite him back from the United States!”

Qin Muchu smiled slightly, ” Hello , Director Lou.”

She generously extended her right hand to him, and Handshake.

But he didn’t want to, Lou Si Shen Wan was not ordinary, and only turned his head to ask Cheng Xuanying, “Is there any time? Have dinner together.”

He actually chose to completely ignore her.

Not even a glance at her!

“Of course there is time for dinner.”

Cheng Xuanying looked particularly happy.

Qin Muchu retracted his right hand in embarrassment, and for a moment felt that he shouldn’t have walked into this elevator.

“Where do you want to eat?”

Lou Si Shen asked Cheng Xuanying again, with a gentle voice.

“I’ll leave

it to you.” “Then go to Chinese food! Eat your favorite sausage.”


“…” At

this moment, Qin Muchu felt more and more like a big light bulb in the way.

Very, very redundant!

She must have just walked into this elevator because of a violent brain twitch.

Dachshund…In memory, this particular man never eats that kind of food.

He has a serious habit of cleanliness and always hates that the stuff is too dirty. At that time, she would deliberately kiss him with a mouthful of sausages in order to tease him. Although he disliked it, he never rejected it. Instead, she would kiss him. Dominantly strangling the back of her head, deepening her playful kiss, making her kiss more intense, and letting her ravage his sexy thin lips full of oil…

and then, she would be pointed at her solemnly The nose warned her:’Next time you dare to make trouble, I will eat you from the inside out, together with your intestines! ‘But

next time, she will continue to make trouble, and he, still happily’enjoying’ her troubles, until the day of breaking up six years ago.

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