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Chapter 1 The Wedge-Six Years Ago

“Mu Chu, I heard that you dumped Mr. Lou and were with the great talent in the music department. Really or not?”

Qin Muchu just finished the anatomy class, and a classmate who had something good came up to her and asked her.

Qin Muchu smiled slightly, “Yeah!”

“No? Didn’t you love to make people die? You just dump it now? You don’t have a fever, right? Who is he? It’s Lou Sichen. Hey! many teenage girls students flock to object you touch, and they cherish! “

Qin Mo Chu seriousness corrective classmate words,” to be exact should be the love of money his family’s very tough love! ” “

…… “

students dismay widened mouth.

This is too straightforward to say.

“One million has already arrived, so naturally it’s time to say goodbye!” When

Qin Muchu said this, his brows were happy and he looked contented.

The classmate wanted to say something, but when the words reached his lips, he choked suddenly, “Lou…Lou Senior…”

Opposite, Lou Si stood there with a cold and long dark shadow, his eyes were cold, staring at this side. Qin Muchu of Qin Muchu seemed to be stripping her alive.

Qin Muchu breathed slightly, holding the book in his hand, tightening his strength slightly.

In fact, she had already noticed him on the other end.

And those words just now were deliberately said to him.

“Mu Chu, I have something to do, let’s go now…” The

classmate quickly found a reason and escaped.

Lou Si stepped forward and approached her.

Every time he got closer, Qin Muchu’s heart suffocated.


His tall shadow, from top to bottom, enveloped her.

The special and pleasant smell on his body strongly encroached on her nose. For no reason, she only felt the soreness of her nose and almost tears came out of her eye sockets, but fortunately, she resisted it. .

“Repeat what you just said, and repeat it to me!”

His hoarse voice sounded dull, but everyone who knew him knew that the calmer and calmer the storm, the more stormy it is. Prelude!

Qin Muchu breathed tightly.

After a long while, he raised his head and looked at him, “I took the initiative to ask your mother for that one million! Also, the person I love has always been Gu Jinyan. Between us, it’s over, it’s over… —”

Qin Muchu didn’t have time to finish what he said, but his red lips were sealed by his cold thin lips.

He suddenly acted like a wild beast. He pushed her against the wall behind him, picked up her chin, and aggressively attacked the land between her lips and teeth, grabbing the fragrance that belonged to her, and encroaching on her breath… …


Qin Muchu tried his best to push him away, “Lou Si Shen, that’s enough! Let go of me– “

“Enough is not enough, it’s never you who have the final say!!” General

Lou Si Shen The sturdy body rested on her thin and delicate body, and stared at her condescendingly, with a forbearance of anger in her eyes, “When I tried to entangle me in the first place, I should know when the relationship between us will end. It’s not you who have the final say!!”

Lou Si Shen said, and he slammed into her clothes indiscriminately!

He did it on purpose! !

He annoyed her, angered her, and even had the urge to crush her!


Qin Muchu yelled, and hurriedly grabbed his messy hand, “Lou Si Shen!! You bastard–“

“Asshole? Compared to you, my Lou Si is ashamed!”

His rampant big hand, in her clothes, became more and more reckless, and the strength of his hand was a lot worse because of anger.

Qin Muchu breathed a little, his eyes flushed red, “Well, if you really want to sleep with me, all right! One million! Give me another million, and I will let you touch it! And sleep! You! Would you like it?!”


Lou Si felt Qin Muchu’s hand and paused suddenly.

The fingertips were instantly as cold as frost.

Qin Muchu trembled all over…

His hand stiffly pulled out of her clothes, and he heard Lou Si’s husky voice and said coldly: “Qin Muchu, we are all over!”

He After speaking, he pushed her away in disgust, turned around, and left indifferently.

Never looked back!

In the end, it was him who put the end between them.

Qin Muchu paled, squatting on the ground, clutching his painful stomach.

There is blood flowing in the lower abdomen…

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