Chapter 8 Counterattacking with Gentleness, Cool!

Subconsciously, Shi Guang turned her head toward the voice and caught sight of the boss of their club, Lei Dahai.

Beside Boss Lei stood a tall and lanky middle-aged man. This tall and lanky man was someone that everyone knew.

This was the manager of the Shen Family’s Water Cube—Ma Lesheng.

Ma Lesheng’s agenda this time around was to work with the club so as to invite swimming athletes of the club to take on the role of a VIP private coach at the Shen Family’s Water Cube.

Be it small scaled swimming clubs like the one Shi Guang was in, or current active athletes in the national swimming team, if there were no stipulated training within the team, the clubs would usually introduce jobs as private swimming coaches for them.

After all, it was way too difficult surviving in the sporting scene. Even after giving their all for more than ten years, one might not carve out a name for themselves. To be a champion, other than strength, luck was needed as well. Some people might have fought for their entire lives, but even then, their hard work might not even translate to an actual title.

After knowing the agenda of Ma Lesheng, Wu Xing pulled He Xinnuo over to his side right away and chirped out to the former with smiles, “This is the runner-up for the 200m Freestyle Competition! She is the most outstanding athlete of our club and couldn’t be any more suited…”

Immediately, He Xinnuo turned over to Manager Ma and presented her brightest smile. “Hello, Mr. Ma!”

“Runner-up?” Ma Lesheng let out those two words casually before turning around to look at Boss Lei with a deep intending stare.

How sharp of a person was Boss Lei?

Naturally, he understood Ma Lesheng’s meaning straightaway as he pulled Shi Guang over to his side. “This is the CHAMPION of the 200m Freestyle Competition…!”

Rambling on forth, all he spoke of was Shi Guang’s amazingness. Ma Lesheng was extremely pleased, as he invited her to work together immediately.

Right now, Shi Guang was in need of money. If she took on this role as a private coach, it would solve half of her predicaments.

Under normal circumstances, she should have accepted Ma Lesheng’s invitation without ado.

Yet, she lowered her head while fiddling with her toes and saying, “Just now, my coach said that I’m the main candidate our team wishes to groom. He said that my main priority is to train even more and get into the provincial team by this year and then the national team right after, so that I can represent our country to go for competitions. I’m afraid I may not be able to…”

Ma Lesheng was slightly confused: “…”

Boss Lei was a tactful man and could read between the lines. How could he not make out the meaning behind Shi Guang’s words?

“Training is a must, of course! But, you must also believe in your own capabilities that you will be able to join the provincial team with no issues even if you were to take on the private coach role. You are the spokesperson for our club after all!”

He was afraid that his club might end up losing this opportunity to work with the Shen Family’s Water Cube this time around. Therefore, he made the decision right on the spot. Furthermore, this endorsement should have been Shi Guang’s to begin with.

The faces of Wu Xing and He Xinnuo by the side changed and turned flustered. The latter pursed her lips in grievance and looked at the former reluctantly.

Immediately, Wu Xing took two steps forward. “Boss, earlier on…”

Boss Lei stood his ground firmly as he cast a single cautionary glance at Wu Xing that spelled the end of this discussion. Standing by the side, He Xinnuo gripped her hands tightly and glared at Shi Guang in bitter spite.

Turning around to look at her, Shi Guang smiled slightly.

If it weren’t hers, Shi Guang wasn’t someone to force things. But, if others were to snatch something from her, she would not just stand by and weep in wallow without doing anything about it.

That afternoon, the decision to make Shi Guang the spokesperson was plastered on the noticeboard.

Wu Xing walked before Shi Guang and spoke with an unfriendly tone, “You’ve really surprised me today. Indeed, the younger generation IS capable indeed, HUH?”

Shi Guang smiled humbly, “No way, no way! Shi Guang knows that she is still lacking in many areas where she needs to learn from YOU, coach.”

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