Chapter 7 A Rod And A Sweet

Shi Guang, who had only managed to fall asleep when daybreak came, ended up waking up around noon.

She had only just washed up when Li Fangfei pushed open the door and rushed in with a flustered look.

Her entire face was scowling as she remarked in a huff, “Not good! I was eating in the canteen when I heard them discussing about it! Wu Xing said that you didn’t feel like being the spokesperson and decided to pass it on to He Xinnuo on your own accord! I don’t know if they’ve been receiving money under the table or that someone has been smudging your name, but the somehow, the higher ups actually agreed to it. And…they just selected He Xinnuo as the spokesperson!”

Shi Guang knew that if she wanted to take down the endorsement, it would not be that easy. But, if He Xinnuo wanted to snatch it away from it, it would not be that simple of an affair either.

Evidently, she had thought wrong!

Just as she had arrived at the entrance of the training ground, she heard a series of cheery voices coming from within.

It was as though people were flirting.

He Xinnuo was dressed in a sexy bikini, showcasing that figure she was so proud of and giggling sweetly toward Wu Xing. From time to time, she would even splash some water or push Wu Xing a little. Her eyes were filled with a charming, seductive gaze and her actions were extremely alluring, seeming as though they were flirting with one another.

However, Wu Xing was married—this was a man with a wife.

When he saw Shi Guang walking over, Wu Xing’s face turned cold as he put on a serious expression immediately. Coming up from the pool, he draped a towel around his body and looked at Shi Guang icily, “Why are you here?”

“Coach, the endorsement…”

The moment Shi Guang picked up on the topic, she was cut off by Wu Xing, “What’s wrong with the endorsement? I am your coach. Am I not allowed to make such a small decision for you?”

Wu Xing’s eyes were glaring wide open as he rebutted with in a menacing tone. Evidently, whether or not Shi Guang knew about it, he would not give her a chance to question his actions.

After knocking Shi Guang down harshly with the rod, he turned around to give her a sweet immediately as he softened his tone, “Shi Guang, you have a huge responsibility toward yourself. At the same time, we have great expectations from you, and are trying our best to groom you. You must not let us down. Know that there are many athletes out there who are only dreaming about being famous day and night and because of that, end up burying the career in the swimming arena. Right now, your main priority is to train even more to try and get into the provincial team by this year, and then the national team right after, so that you can represent our country to go for competitions!”

Shi Guang bit down on her lip bitterly while her hands which were slumped at the side of her body were gripped into tight fists.

At this moment, He Xinnuo came beside Shi Guang. Looking at the latter, her eyes sparkled with light as she bent her body slightly forward and gave off a smug attitude, “Jiayou kay, little junior sister? I’ve got high hopes for you!!!”

Even though these words were masked as encouragement, it was actually just bragging and mockery.

Shi Guang stared at He Xinnuo coldly, “Since you can’t do it yourself, it’s only natural that you’ve got to pin your hopes on me!”

The smug expression on He Xinnuo’s face disappeared instantaneously. She was so mad that she clenched down on her teeth and snarled at the latter harshly, “Can’t you tell that I’m mocking you? I’m telling you that the endorsement is mine! The only one who will enter the provincial team will be me as well!”

Once she was done with those words, she suddenly wobbled as though she was about to faint at any moment. Tilting her body, she fell toward Wu Xing.

Immediately, Wu Xing held her up while directing his anger over at Shi Guang, “Are you ever going to be done with it? Fine, I’ll put forth these words today…For this endorsement, if you give it away, it’s Xinnuo’s. Even if you DON’T wish to give it away, it’s still Xinnuo’s!”

Leaning against Wu Xing’s body ‘feebly’, He Xinnuo smirked at Shi Guang provocatively.

At that instant, flames of fury surged up Shi Guang’s heart. Right now, she wished she could just sweep her sleeves and walk out of this place forever. However…

She forced herself to remain composed and just glowered at the both of them with glassy eyes.

But just at that moment, a series of voices came from the entrance…

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