Chapter 6 Beautiful, Doting, Ambiguously Charming, and Attractive

Lu Yanchen sat in the living room while fondling his hungover head. It was most probably because he had drunk too much, as his brain was sending waves of throbbing pain.

It didn’t take long before his mother, Shen Lingshuang, entered the living room. When she caught sight of the state her son was in, she hurried forth and asked concernedly, “What’s wrong? Is your head feeling terrible? Do you want to have a cup of Ginseng tea to try and fight the alcohol?”

Lu Yanchen nodded his head. He was indeed feeling extremely terrible right now.

“Was the prize giving ceremony yesterday fun?” For him to not return for the entire night, was it because he had taken a liking to one of those maidens there at the prize-giving ceremony and brought her out for a high time the entire night?

Even though Shen Lingshuang was a middle-aged woman close to her fifties, she had maintained herself extremely well. Coupled with the fact that she was ravishing to begin with, her feminine charm had even increased compared to her younger self. The crow’s feet around her eyes did not diminish her beauty in the slightest bit, and instead gave her a sense of class and elegance.

Not only that, no matter how old she was, Shen Lingshuang maintained the heart of a young maiden.

Lu Yanchen’s head slumped down as his thick eyelashes cast a dark shadow over the corner of his eyes, concealing the fatigue beneath them.

Tugging at his tie impatiently, his voice was as cold as ice. “No way!”

Shen Lingshuang had a total of four children. Lu Yanchen was her youngest son, and at the same time, the one she doted on the most.

Nearly the entire Z City knew that the one single person to be trifled with the least in the Lu Family was that high and aloof youngest son of theirs; the man bearing an exceptional beauty who was ever so mysterious, Lu Yanchen.

At the start, wasn’t he pretty glad and eager to go for the prize-giving ceremony yesterday? Astounded, Shen Lingshuang’s brows could not help but furrow up as she asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Did something unpleasant happen?”

Lu Yanchen drank the ginseng tea and rubbed his temple gently. “…No more next time.”

Naturally, he was referring to yesterday’s prize giving ceremony where he was made to go impromptu at the last minute.

Shen Lingshuang nodded her head profusely, “Yes, yes, yes! There will absolutely not be a next time! It’s all your second brother’s fault this time around, running off right after receiving a phone call…”

As she nagged about his Second Brother, Lu Yanchen stood up and prepared to head upstairs.

Just as he was about to take his first step, Shen Lingshuang held him back, “Son, your father has allowed me to arrange for a private swimming coach for you to help you overcome your water vertigo.”

Without even thinking, Lu Yanchen rejected her curtly, “No.”

His expression turned frosty, evidently feeling extremely negatively toward this matter.

Shen Lingshuang continued, “But, your dad has already gotten me to arrange…”

And just at this moment, the television switched channels as the host declared in a vigorous tone, “Congratulations to Number 7, Shi Guang, who has taken down the championship title of the Female 200m Freestyle Competition! Her speed was simply way too fast! Not only that, her posture was equally beautiful…”

Shen Lingshuang pointed toward the television at Shi Guang, who was waving toward the audience in the screen at that moment, and said to Lu Yanchen, “There! This girl! Look at how brilliant her swimming was! Not only that, she’s pretty and has an amazing figure! It’s not as though you’re going to be the one at a loss if she’s your private coach, right?”

Following Shen Lingshuang’s line of sight, Lu Yanchen glanced over at the person on the television and his shoulders froze up. Even though he looked exactly the same and was as composed as ever, it seemed as though that slight and barely noticeable action of his had caused the entire air to go stale ever so slightly as well.

After a short delay, he spoke up, “Up to you guys.”

Leaving those four words afloat, he walked upstairs. Shen Lingshuang was totally startled.

After that short daze, her brows started rising gently. Wasn’t he still objecting vehemently just moments earlier? Why did he agree to it all of a sudden? She had initially thought that this would take some time to grind him down. After all, this prideful son of hers wasn’t someone who would give in that easily.

Indeed, seeking out a beauty to teach him swimming was the correct move after all!

Beautiful, doting, ambiguously charming, and attractive…

Mrs. Shen, who had the heart of a maiden, sniggered out as those squinted eyes of hers shone with a brilliant gleam of light that could fill the skies with stars.

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