Chapter 4 You’re The Bestest Best Then!

He Xinnuo was from the same school and swimming club as Shi Guang, with even the same coach. They were teammates and rivals.

While Shi Guang was only bothered about her own swimming skills, He Xinnuo would have none of that, and was always looking to compete with her.

Be it in front or behind her back, He Xinnuo would always be coming up with ways to one-up Shi Guang no matter when. However, the latter would always manage to stand out on top each time.

Keeping her emotions in check, Shi Guang turned her head around at He Xinnuo. Her lips curled into a grin as she replied sarcastically, “What are you so salty for? No matter how salty you get, the trophy of the champion will never belong to you.”

Right after she was done with those words, Shi Guang strode off in total disregard of He Xinnuo.

What He Xinnuo hated the most was that be it in competitions or training, she would always lose out to Shi Guang by a little.

Shi Guang was her taboo, her Achilles heel.

And now that she was rebutted in the face by Shi Guang with people watching them, she could barely hang on to her face.

As her embarrassment turned into rage, she caught up with Shi Guang at the fastest speed and tugged at the latter’s arm from the back while emphasizing out in clenched teeth, “Do you think that you’re the best in the world just because you got to be the champion? Don’t raise your own ego up high and think that you’re quite a somebody! If not for the fact that I was injured, it’s hard to say who would have taken that champion trophy this time around!”

Shi Guang’s expression was calm and unchanged. Shrugging off He Xinnuo’s hand with her arm, she chuckled out softly, “Oh! So, you’re the bestest best! To think that you would swim faster when you’re injured than when you’re uninjured!”

That petite face of He Xinnuo flushed with shades of white and red as she was at the peak of her anger right now. Her voice was trembling with hatred, “Shi Guang! Don’t you dare go overboard…!”

At this point, that petite face of hers suddenly took a stark change. That overbearing disposition of hers changed entirely as mist started accumulating in her eyes, forming tears that could barely be made out. She looked totally pitiable right now.

Shi Guang was taken aback. She had always known that this girl could act. But, she had not expected for He Xinnuo’s acting techniques to be so refined! This was even faster than the Sichuan face-changing operas!

Shi Guang opened her mouth. But before she could speak up, a displeased tone of a man boomed out, “What are you guys arguing for! Why don’t you guys take a look at where we are now? Do you guys know of any shame?”

The man who had spoken was their coach, Wu Xing.

“I-I’m sorry, coach! I failed to get the champion’s place! I’ve failed your expectations of me!” He Xinnuo struggled to finish her words with that pale, petite face of hers, then covered her face to leave, looking exceptionally grieved and upset.

For people who did not know better, they might have even wondered why Shi Guang would bully her.

Shi Guang did not know what to say as her lips curled in irony. Evidently, she was long used to these acts.

A dark shadow cast over Wu Xing’s face as he glared at Shi Guang with displeasure and barked out deliberately, “One must not be haughty because they have won the champion’s place! Xinnuo is your senior sister!”

After he was done with that, he waved Shi Guang off impatiently with contempt, “Alright. Go back and rest.”

Shi Guang did not walk. She stood where she was and asked Wu Xing with a smiling face, “Coach, I’d like to speak with you about the endorsement…”

The club was going to have a huge promotional event this year, and were looking for a spokesperson. In order to encourage everyone, it was decided that whoever was crowned champion would win the endorsement as well.

Recently, Shi Guang was especially in need of money. Even though the endorsement fee for the commercial wasn’t a lot, it could help settle half of her predicament.

Wu Xing gazed at Shi Guang deeply, “The issue about Xinnuo being injured is something you know of as well. Since you’ve already gotten the championship, let Xinnuo get the commercial then! You have to know that you guys are both classmates and teammates. In the future, you are even going to join the provincial team together! Therefore, you two should love and care for one another…”

Shi Guang cut him off in his speech, “Wasn’t it agreed upon at the start that whoever gets the champion will become the spokesperson for the club?”

The face of the coach was terrible right now as he growled with a black face, “Shi Guang! One mustn’t be overly greedy! Haven’t you heard of the phrase, ‘A man who is never content is like a snake wanting to swallow an elephant’?”

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