Chapter 3 How Could It Be Him!

“I’d say, Lu Yanchen! Check it out, check it out! These are all beautiful chicks here! Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, with curves exactly where you need them to be! Not only that, all of them look extremely passionate!”

“You’ve already broken up with that woman for two years now. It’s time for you to embark on a new love life! In my opinion, that woman is most likely a slag!”

“Perhaps, you should just find someone right here and stop living your life as an ascetic god!”

Lu Yanchen did not bother with this good buddy of his who was rambling on and on by his side. Instead, he only cast him a cold glare.

The prize-giving ceremony had begun officially as music played out. Striding in, this upright and suave of a man, Lu Yanchen, caused the entire complex to feel as though they had just seen a bright and sparkling star. Shrieks and yells broke out in waves across the place.

“Oh wow…!”

“He’s so handsome…!”

Shi Guang stood on the highest podium and smiled out toward the audiences the entire time. Her excitement and emotions were surging from the bottom of her heart like floodwaters that were overflowing a dam and were unable to be concealed. Joy spread through to the ends of her brows. It was as though even her eyelashes were about to start dancing in happiness right now.

She bore a bright yet polite smile and raised her head toward the prize giving guest who was striding over while being surrounded by the masses. But, when she caught sight of that figure, her smile froze on her face.

She could have never thought that HE was the guest for the prize giving ceremony!

Lu Yanchen!

After separating for two years, the two people who had thought that they would never see the other ever again were meeting once more. And in such an unexpected manner to boot…

Looking at the man who was getting closer to her with every step taken, her subconsciousness had her gripping her fist tightly. Her heartbeat seemed to be getting tighter in correlation with every step he took.

The joy of winning had long vanished from her. Shi Guang felt as though she was being drowned in a raging sandstorm right now.

When he finally stood in front of her, her mind went completely blank. It was as though she and Lu Yanchen were the only ones remaining in this world.

After two years, he had grown even more charismatic than before. At the same time, he gave off a mature and composed aura. He was dressed in a fitting black suit with a white shirt beneath, which was buttoned all the way up to the very last button. However, that only served to showcase and amplify that forbidden luscious beauty he had.

Shi Guang could not help but wonder: what should couples who had broken up and reunited once more say to one another?

‘It’s been a long time…?’

She moved her lips ever so slightly, wanting to strike a greeting as though nothing had ever happened. But, to think that when she raised her head, she was instead faced with a cold and emotionless gaze!

Shi Guang was stunned.

From the way she looked at her, it was as though she was a random stranger on the streets who brought for him zero emotional stirs! That frosty feeling of being cast at arm’s length had her feeling as though she was submerged into an icy ocean. Even though it was a scorching day, she felt cold all of a sudden.

Just like that, the words that Shi Guang was just about to say out loud got stuck right in her throat. In a daze, she watched Lu Yanchen hold onto the trophy and carry it in front of her casually.

Shi Guang lowered her gaze and gently lifted her elbows, wanting to receive that cold trophy from him, only to discover that the trophy would not budge at all. Lu Yanchen had not loosened his grip.

Her heart quivered slightly, thinking that he wanted to say something. But, the trophy was released in the next second and landed back into her hands.

Everything had happened so swiftly that it had Shi Guang feeling as though that frozen moment from earlier on was nothing but her hallucination.

Out of formality, she shook hands with Lu Yanchen following the prize giving. Their palms were connected briefly when he retracted his hand immediately.

His foot then swiveled around as he turned around to leave.

Without a single pause, without turning back…It was as though their reunion after two years was nothing but a negligible first encounter.

Looking at the back view of Lu Yanchen, Shi Guang felt totally wretched and useless compared to the composed him.

At this moment, her heart felt just like a sponge that was bloated after being soaked in salt water. As long as one were to use some strength, all the water that was as bitter as bile would spill, just like the bitter tears.

The only way she could maintain her composure was by using her greatest determination to hold everything back in. Suddenly, a stifled laughter rang beside her ear, followed by a mocking voice.

“What are you still looking at? No matter how long you look for, you will never be worthy enough to have a connection with him.”

The person who spoke was none other than the runner-up of the competition, He Xinnuo.

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