Chapter 20 It’s Clear—You Have No Chance Then!

She did not even want to teach this current student of hers at all. But to bring Chu Mubei in along as well? There was no way, unless Shi Guang was out of her mind!

Furthermore, after hearing Chu Mubei’s words, she knew that he wasn’t really interested in learning to swim or whatnot.

God knows what sort of plans this Casanova was thinking up.

“I won’t take up a lot of your time. When you’re teaching Lu Yanchen, I’ll just learn quietly by myself at the side.” Chu Mubei continued with his attacks.

“Since I have accepted a student, I would have to teach him properly and with heart. Right now, other than the selection test, my mind only has room enough to care about a single student.” Shi Guang had made her words perfectly clear to not give Chu Mubei any chance.

Chu Mubei continued to smile out cheekily, “Didn’t you already get the champion’s title? What are you still training so hard for? Even if you were to become the national champion later on, that would be all it amounts to, and won’t be worth that much money. If you can be my coach, not only would there be a lot of money, it wouldn’t be too tough either. Once I’m done learning, I can even introduce new clients to you. I guarantee you that will be worth more money than you winning a champion’s title.”

To him, finding a coach was truly about how much money it was worth.

Without even thinking, Shi Guang’s face changed color as she replied coldly, “Thank you for your kind intentions. However, what is being taught is just proper swimming. Also, it’s swimming, and nothing else. I know how much money it is worth to teach someone how to swim. Money outside of that is something that I will not and should not take. But, thank you for your kind intentions.”

Chu Mubei was frozen for a moment before chuckling out once more, “I was just joking! I’m at fault, it’s my fault! Let me take you out for a meal and you can punish me with alcohol so that I can make amends for my mistakes!”

Shi Guang’s lips curled a little to seem as though she was smiling. However, it was a forced smile, “My apologies! I’m not free. Also, I can’t drink alcohol.”


“My eyes are bad.”

He had heard of all sorts of reasons why someone couldn’t drink alcohol, but this was the first time Chu Mubei had heard of one so peculiar. His brows furrowed, “Your eyes are bad? What has that got to do with drinking alcohol?”

Shi Guang squinted her eyes, “I’ve got glaucoma. Drinking alcohol would cause my eye pressure to rise. If it’s serious, I can go blind!”

This lass was really good at making things up, but Chu Mubei did not believe her in the slightest bit, “But looking at your eyes, they seem pretty alright.”

“I was nearly blind before!”‘Blinded by liking a jerk of a man!’

Chu Mubei: “…”

“Seems like the lesson can’t carry on today anyway! Since that’s the case, this is the end of today’s lesson!” Tossing down that sentence, Shi Guang left just like that.

Watching her leave with raised brows, Chu Mubei turned his head around and looked at Lu Yanchen miserably while asking out in despondency, “What’s up with that? Did I do anything wrong? Why do I feel so strange about it? She seems to have some big issue with me or something! But, I clearly didn’t do anything to her!”

Lu Yanchen looked at Chu Mubei with an extremely serious expression as though he was truly trying to find a reason for it. After a few seconds, he spoke up, “It’s probably because you’re born with an unpleasant face.”

Someone such as Chu Mubei, who was self-proclaimed to be the perfect lover, able to pass through a forest of flowers and leave without a single leaf on him, was absolutely befuddled on hearing that.

He pointed at himself. “I’M unpleasant?”

The number of girls who had a liking for him could even form a circle around the entire Beijing! To think that he would be called unpleasant looking! Chu Mubei snorted out coldly, “Don’t think that I can’t tell that you’ve taken a liking to that girl.”

“What has that got to do with you being unpleasant?” Lu Yanchen replied with a tone bearing underlying intentions as the mocking intent on his smile got even wider.

Chu Mubei twitched his lips.

His annoyance was turned into laughter instead, “Oh, Lu Yanchen, what should I do? Initially, I had only thought that this Shi Guang was slightly interesting, and had wanted to tease her. But, the more I interact with her, the more I’m realizing that she’s truly really special! The way she treated me so weirdly just now had me liking her even more! I seem to have really… fallen for her.”

Chu Mubei placed extra emphasis on the last few words as though he was saying them just for Lu Yanchen’s ears.

However, the latter wasn’t worked up as he had expected. Instead, he gave off a stifled chuckle, “It’s clear…You have no chance then!”

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