Chapter 2 The Mysterious and Dignified Man

Being broken up with out of the blue was something that Shi Guang had difficulty in coming to terms with. She bore with her a slight glimpse of hope, thinking that Lu Yanchen was probably just pulling a fast one on her. In her mind, he was probably going to appear before her in a day or two with a bouquet of flowers, seeking her forgiveness.

However, a couple of days passed by swiftly…

Even after half a month, Lu Yanchen had not appeared once.

Later on, she heard from others that he had quit school.

Unable to accept the fact of them breaking up, Shi Guang could finally no longer hold everything in as she bawled out in pain…

Two years had passed.

In the past two years, she had dumped the name ‘Lu Yanchen’ along with every single thing associated it into the trash can of her memories.

It was yet another scorching summer as the glorious sun blazed like fire.

The National College Swimming Championships kicked off the opening of the Shen Family’s Water Cube. The Shen Family’s Water Cube was the most prestigious swimming fitness club in the entire nation, perhaps even the entire world. And this time around, they had sponsored the swimming event of the College Games for free.

As the 200m Freestyle swimming competition was about to begin, there wasn’t a single empty seat to be seen at the pool. All the students from the various schools were raising their banners and flags high up while cheering out exuberantly for their schools in high spirits.

The whistle blew from the referee for the athletes to take their places as the entire crowd went silent. Everyone held their breaths in anticipation for the event to start. Following the firing of the gun, all the swimmers dove into the waters and pushed against the waves just like flying fishes.



The cheers were relentless, getting louder and louder with every wave and reverberating through one’s ears.

Everyone’s blood was pumping from the excitement.

When the first place reached her endpoint, the entire complex erupted with cheers. Instantly, the entire place had reached its climax with a neat and steady cheer emerging forth, “Shi Guang! Shi Guang…! SHI GUANG!”

Shi Guang removed her goggles and revealed a beautiful face. Those long eyelashes of hers were still glistening with beads of water as she waved her hands up high at the crowd that was cheering her on.

She was the champion! All of her hard work had finally reaped in the rewards! Relying on nothing but her own hard work and determination, she had obtained the crown of the victor for the 200m swimming competition!

She had done it!

She had finally done it!

The emotional Shi Guang stepped out of the pool. The moment she entered the changing room, she was welcomed with a passionate embrace.

“Shi Guang! Congratulations! You’re the best!”

This name of this girl hugging Shi Guang was Li Fangfei. She was Shi Guang’s classmate-cum-free-manager. Bustling with energy, she wanted to illustrate for Shi Guang the nervousness, excitement, and passion she felt while watching the competition.

But, just as she was about to speak, she was interrupted by a member of the staff.

“The prize giving ceremony has been pushed forward! Everyone, hurry up and change your clothes!”

According to the schedule, there should have been enough time for everyone to change out of their swimsuits! Why was everything pushed forward?

Everyone’s faces were startled.

“Hurry it up! The guest for the prize giving ceremony is about to arrive!”

It was clear that the staff was trying their best to maintain their emotions despite feeling panicked as though they were like ants on a hot frying pan. The entire changing room was suddenly filled with a serious aura.

This had everyone even more bewildered than ever!

Just what sort of a background did this guest have?

Not only could he cause the entire prize ceremony to be pushed forward, he even had all of these staff members on their nerves, acting so carefully as though they were on the edge of a deep cliff and afraid that an accident might happen.

Even after using her utmost determination, Li Fangfei could not contain that heart of hers which was drawn toward the allure of gossips. She squeezed her way in front to a staff member and asked with a cheeky expression, “May I know who this guest for the prize giving ceremony is?”

“…” Before the staff member even had a chance to reply, she heard someone shouting outside the changing room, “The guest has arrived! The prize giving ceremony is about to begin!”

“Hurry up…!” The staff member suddenly huffed out in a low tone as her expression turned grim.

How could she be bothered to reply to Li Fangfei’s question right now? Taking two huge strides forward, she grabbed Shi Guang, who had just changed out of her swimsuit, and headed out at a brisk pace…

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