Chapter 19 Chu Mubei, Who Didn’t Even Know He Was Framed

Chu Mubei returned with his trademark princely smile, and Manager Ma following behind.

After he returned, Chu Mubei realized that the way Shi Guang was looking at him was kind of weird. Yet, he could not make out just what was weird about it.

Chu Mubei took up the tea that Shi Guang had brewed for him and commented with a sip, “Rose tea! Not bad. What a rich fragrance that refreshes one’s mind!”

Actually, he was only trying to find a topic to converse about with Shi Guang.

Only, he did not know that those words of his had taken on a different tone in Shi Guang’s ears. Subconsciously, she had begun to associate roses with women.

But of course, Chu Mubei knew nothing about this.

He had an elegant face and a smile that seemed as though a spring breeze had just blown over his face. If lasses were to catch sight of it, they would undoubtedly be charmed by this harmless and innocuous smile of his.

Using a tender gaze to look at Shi Guang, he grinned out while saying, “Rose tea bears a slightly bittersweet taste, with a heaty nature. It relaxes the mind and has the effect of clearing blood clots. Drinking it can cleanse the liver while clearing one’s head of troubles.”

‘Rogue!!’ After hearing those words, Shi Guang scolded out in her heart. All the words that came forth from Chu Mubei’s mouth sounded extremely dirty to her.

She felt that what Chu Mubei had said about rose tea cleansing one’s liver and clearing one’s troubles was, in fact, referring to how a woman as gorgeous as a rose could help him clear his flames of lust!

‘Capable huh? Casanova!’

“But, one must not drink too much rose tea as well. There is a need for a change of taste from time to time. Chrysanthemum is good for relieving exterior syndromes and heat. It bears a slightly more bitter taste, and has a cooling nature. It has properties that can dispel heat and cleanse the liver to improve one’s eyesight, as well as clear poisonous substances from one’s body. Drinking it once in a while is quite a decent option as well.”

In Shi Guang’s ears…

She felt as though Chu Mubei was saying that after playing with gorgeous women, one would also get sick of heavy meals. They would have to change their preferences and order some lighter flavored food from time to time as well.

Shi Guang secretly shot him a look of disdain.

From the start, the feeling that Chu Mubei gave her was that of frivolity.

She was already not intending to make any sort of a close contact with someone as such. Furthermore, he was a friend of Lu Yanchen. However, coupled with everything that Lu Yanchen had said earlier, her impression of Chu Mubei could be considered to be at rock bottom right now.

She was too lazy to even give him a reply and humor him.

Of course, Shi Guang had already firmly identified in her heart that Lu Yanchen and Chu Mubei were just the same type of people.

Evidently, Lu Yanchen did not know that this rock he had thrown over had not just struck Chu Mubei in the head; it landed right on his own foot as well.

“You had better take it easy. Even flower tea has poison in it!” Shi Guang gave this deep implying reply.

Chu Mubei looked over at Shi Guang in bewilderment, his eyes slightly lost and confused. It was as though he was wondering if he had said something wrong. Why did it seem as though Shi Guang kind of disliked him?

He looked over at Lu Yanchen by the side.

Looking as though he was both smiling and not, Lu Yanchen’s eyes fell onto the two of them indifferently, without any emotions. It was as though he had no interest in this entire world as he displayed that absolutely calm attitude of being unbothered with secular affairs.

Chu Mubei was unable to make out Lu Yanchen, nor what this guy was up to.

But, when he thought about how he was going to help Lu Yanchen chase and get this girlfriend, Chu Mubei presumed that that guy shouldn’t be planning anything against him.

Thinking that, Chu Mubei smiled out once again as his brows curled up like a warm sun in the cold winter while he spoke up slowly, “Shi Guang, I want to learn how to swim as well. Well, teaching two people is just as good as teaching a single person. How about taking me in as your student and teaching Lu Yanchen and me together?”

However, he did not get to see a single moment of consideration, leave alone agreement.

Without even having to think, Shi Guang rejected him flatly, “My apologies! The selection test for the provincial team is about to start soon, and I’ll have to work even harder on training. The remaining time is BARELY enough to squeeze out classes for ONE person.”

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