Chapter 18 The Black Heart of Young Master Lu

Lu Yanchen’s breathing was gradually getting heavier as that steamy breath of his blew out on Shi Guang’s face and caused her to snap to her senses. Her body broke into a shiver as she raised her hand and was prepared to push Lu Yanchen away. But right at that moment, a voice rang out, “Lu Yanchen…!”

Before Shi Guang had even made her move, Lu Yanchen had made his and pushed her away. His actions and disposition were still the same as the composed and graceful self he had always been.

That small moment between the two of them earlier on wasn’t shown on his face even in the slightest bit.

This had Shi Guang even suspecting if she had just been hugged by an entirely different person.

Lu Yanchen turned around. Not sure if it was intentional or coincidental, Shi Guang was just nicely shielded behind him entirely. He looked at the person approaching. “Chu Mubei, why are you here?”

“Auntie told me that you’re going to learn swimming! Not only that, your teacher is the girl from yesterday…!” Chu Mubei slanted his body and extended his head before finally catching sight of the person behind Lu Yanchen.

Immediately, as though a spring breeze had just gusted by, he put on a splendid smile, “Hey, Shi Guang! We meet again!”

To think that Lu Yanchen had not mentioned to him yesterday at all that Shi Guang was already his swimming coach! With all this hiding and coverup, there was no way he would believe that Lu Yanchen had no interest in this girl!

As for Lu Yanchen’s first, and only, girlfriend, he was also always hiding and covering up everything as though she was a treasure. Heck, he wouldn’t even share a single back view of hers!

Anything regarding that girl, even down to a single word, was not divulged at all by him. In fact, Chu Mubei did not even know the NAME of that ex-girlfriend of his.

The mere thought of it had him a little miffed.

Chu Mubei’s gaze was scattered all around Shi Guang’s body, filled with ripples of spring. Without leaving any traces, Lu Yanchen’s face darkened as he stood in front of Chu Mubei before calling out to Shi Guang, “Go pour us tea.”

Shi Guang looked at him, really wanting to say, “I’m a coach, not a waitress.”. But eventually, she held her silence and just went as told.

Thereafter, Lu Yanchen said in an exceptionally displeased tone toward Chu Mubei, who was still looking at the back view of Shi Guang, “Go and get Manager Ma here.”

Chu Mubei reflexively rejected him, “Why not just give him a call?”

The atmosphere froze up immediately as Lu Yanchen’s gaze seemed as sharp as daggers. He glared icily at Chu Mubei, whose face was filled with the breezes of spring. It was such a frosty glare that even polar bears could be frozen to death.

Unable to bear with it, Chu Mubei rubbed his nose and agreed to it plaintively, “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll go right away!”

What a petty fella to not even allow him a single peek! No wonder his ex-girlfriend broke up with him!

It didn’t take long before Shi Guang returned. Even though she did not see Chu Mubei, she still walked over and placed down the tea. Lu Yanchen then suddenly asked, “What tea is this?”

“Red tea.”

“Chu Mubei doesn’t drink red tea.”


“Change it!”

Shi Guang took away the red tea and returned with another cup of freshly brewed tea.

The second time she returned with it, Lu Yanchen inquired about the tea once again, to which she replied, “Green tea.”

Lu Yanchen’s voice was cold, “Chu Mubei doesn’t drink green tea.”

Shi Guang bit down on her lips a few times and wanted to say something. But eventually, she held it back in and replied in a soft voice, “I’ll go make another cup then.”

This time around, she made a cup of pu’er tea. But, third time was not the charm, as Lu Yanchen said once more, “Chu Mubei doesn’t drink pu’er tea.”

What sort of a person was this Chu Mubei? Why would a man be so picky over even drinking tea? How annoying was this person? Shi Guang’s impatience was written over her face, “Then, what sort of tea does he drink?”

Lu Yanchen pursed his lips and collected his thoughts while a flash of light bolted across his eyes in response to this successful plot of his. Of course, that glint went by so fast that no one could have caught anything as he replied indifferently, “Flower tea. A hundred different varieties to rotate and choose from. The type of flower he drinks would depend on the type of woman he plays with today.”

Shi Guang, “…”

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