Chapter 17 Not Going To Go Along With Your Wishes

Today, Lu Yanchen was donning some casual wear. Shi Guang felt that he looked pretty similar to how he was two years ago; except, he was more charismatic now. Time seemed to be biased toward this man, maturing his aura like a fine wine.

Standing beside the window, he was looking outside at this moment. When he heard the approaching footsteps, he turned around with hands in his pockets. Those eyes of his were deep as the dark night, gazing into hers peacefully and silently.

Shi Guang did not speak as well, not knowing what to say.

The both of them were silent and the air was still. After some time, it caused Shi Guang to feel somewhat uneasy and unable to maintain her composure.

Eventually, she spoke first, unable to bear with it any longer, “I couldn’t find Mrs. Lu, but I believe that you should be able to see Mrs. Lu anytime you wish. If you tell her that you want to change to someone else, I’m sure she will agree.”

Lu Yanchen squinted his eyes and replied sarcastically, “If I were to terminate the contract, wouldn’t I be going along with your wishes?”

Shi Guang felt that these words of his were just out of pique. He was just purposely going against her. It was because SHE wanted to terminate the contract that he wouldn’t do so.

‘Fine! I’ll act as though I don’t wish to terminate the contract then!’

Endure! She had to endure! Endure to the point where Lu Yanchen would not wish to see her any longer and go look for his mother to terminate the contract, telling her that he’d like a change of coach.

“Alright then. I’ll go change my clothes. You can go and change as well, then we’ll begin the lesson.”

Shi Guang did not spare any unnecessary thoughts to go figure out Lu Yanchen’s attitude. All she thought was, if soldiers came, she would fight them; if water came, she would use mud to dam it. Who was afraid of this guy?

After Shi Guang was done changing, Lu Yanchen was still dressed in his casual wear and lying down on the chair lazily, giving off a carefree vibe.

Shi Guang’s face was dark. But, when she faced him once more, she was all smiles, “Mr. Lu. If you wish to learn to swim, you will have to get into the water. If you wish to get into the water, you will have to change into your swimwear.”

Lu Yanchen threw her a casual glance; there seemed to be a trace of mockery flashing through that glance, as though he was mocking this pretentious act she was putting on.

‘You don’t like it? Then I’m going to do it even more!’ This was what Shi Guang thought in her heart, then continued with a serious expression, “Oh, Mr. Lu! It’s fine if you don’t wish to change out into your clothes right now as well. We can just conduct a simulated training on dry ground today. We’ll first master the key actions to be made so that you can strengthen your muscle memory and have it fixed. That way, it’ll be easy to just follow those steps after you go into the water.”

Lu Yanchen was still ignoring her with a completely nonchalant attitude. With his eyes closed, it seemed like he was just resting leisurely. Shi Guang felt a little stuffy, as though there was a repressing feeling in her chest she could not voice out.

As she sat down on a chair near her, her heart was raging with flames. She wanted to drink water; hence, she reached out for the cup she had placed beside her earlier on and started gulping down heavily. But, being distracted, she ended up choking herself and coughing so badly that she could barely catch her breath.

Shi Guang clutched at her mouth and thumped down on her chest while wanting to get up in order to breathe more easily. Even though she did not want to stand up too fast, she kicked a chair close by accidentally and her entire body lost its balance, causing her to fall toward the coffee table on her right.

Scared so badly, Shi Guang shut her eyes tightly. However, the pain she was anticipating never arrived. Someone had grabbed her arm in a flash and pulled her up straight away with a tight grip.

By virtue of habit, Shi Guang had wanted to say thanks. But, as though something had just struck her, her body froze right there.

As she opened her eyes and looked out, she saw Lu Yanchen just staring at her calmly. Facing one another, the two of them were extremely close, so close that the tip of their noses was rubbing against one another.

As their gazes exchanged uncertainty and attraction, it was also just like opposing generals on a battlefield, where neither would be willing to admit defeat or bow their heads down.



Their hearts thumped furiously as those sturdy heartbeats slammed out against their chests. Those somewhat erratic thumps sounded like they were coming from her, but at the same time, as if they were from him…

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