Chapter 16 Lu Family, Aristocratic Military Family (2)

“The grandfather of Young Master Lu, Old Master Lu, once served in the Chinese Red Army. He had fought against the Japanese, as well as in the Korean war against the allied troops! Even though he has already passed away, he has two sons of which one is in the military still while the other is in politics. His daughter appeared to have been married to some top leader as well with trusted aides spread out all across the entire country, bearing a complex background. With so many intricate relationships, for a power such as the Lu Family, if they were put in ancient times, they could only be described as ‘Reigning over all except the emperor’.”

“This Young Master Lu is a son of the Lu Family’s 2nd Master. This 2nd Master of the Lu Family has a total of 4 sons…Brought up with strict house rules, everyone from the Lu Family are extremely law-abiding. The only exception is this 4th Young Master Lu. As the youngest one, he was indulged by everyone and could basically do anything as he willed. Rumours had it that he was hell bent on going to an overseas college for a girl back in the past, but his family didn’t even voice a single word of objection. Halfway through, he suddenly decided that he wanted to drop out of school and went on to join the army. But it was said that he was going to change his profession yet again. Some claim that he’s going to study overseas once more while others claim that he’s going to start and manage his own company. There were even some that claim he’s actually still in the army. In any case, he is just really mysterious…”

Li Fangfei was just rambling on nonstop.

Shi Guang’s eyes were downcast the entire time, unable to tell if she had been listening to it or not. Retrieving her fresh set of clothes, she headed into the bathroom.

Standing under the sprinkles of water, Shi Guang closed her eyes gently as the Lu Yanchen of two years ago flitted into her memories.

Back then, Lu Yanchen was still equally aloof and haughty, giving the same indifferent look to anyone he met. But to her, he had the greatest tolerance level and tenderness.

The time they spent together had always been enjoyable as they shared a similar preference for things. Or rather, things that he liked, she’d like. And vice versa, things she liked, he’d like.

She had once hugged him tightly and raised her head to ask, “Would you not want me one day?”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t want you!!” He fondled her head and assured her firmly. Pausing for a moment, he remarked frivolously, “Then again, I had better consider it thoroughly… after all, hugging you doesn’t really feel too meaty.” As he said, his eyes floated over to her chest casually.

Immediately, her face started heating up as she could feel herself flushing pink all the way down to her earlobes. Pushing him away, she bemoaned softly, “You’re so lewd…”

Turning off the water sprinkler, Shi Guang wrapped herself with a towel.

All of those were memories that had long been abandoned. What’s the use of thinking about them once more? In the sands of time, those memories had long gone fuzzy. The boy she was so infatuated with back then had long died away as well.

As for the deep pains of the past, there were only faint imprints right now.

The current Lu Yanchen did not have a single strand of relationship with her.

When you cross paths with someone, the stronger person stands victorious.

What did she have to hide from or escape from? He was the one who had casted her aside mercilessly after that intimate encounter of theirs. He was the one who had let her down. If anything, he should be the one to hide or escape.

Really now. Why was she rushing to terminate the contract or whatnot?

Come to think of it, Lu Yanchen would probably not be willing to let her stay around him in circles and was probably wishing that she would stay far away from him.

Rather than choosing to terminate the contract herself and causing unnecessary difficulties by landing herself in a predicament, she might as well bear with it and wait for Lu Yanchen to do it instead.

After thinking through things, Shi Guang went down to the Shen Family’s Water Cube on time the next day. To her surprise, she was met with Ma Lesheng outside.

The way Ma Lesheng looked at her was as though he had just seen his saviour as he greeted her politely, “Miss Shi! You are finally here! This way please, this way please!”

Shi Guang followed him to the training ground. Ma Lesheng had even held the door open for her thoughtfully while making a hand gesture to invite her in. Taking in a deep breath, Shi Guang stepped in calmly…

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