Chapter 15 Lu Family, Aristocratic Military Family (1)

It had been a long time since Shi Guang had been in a state as wretched as today. She was thoroughly drenched from inside out.

In the dorm, Li Fangfei was wearing her earphones; no one save for herself knew what she was looking at on the computer, but she was all smiles right now. When Shi Guang opened the door and entered, she took out her earphones immediately and said, “Shi Guang! You’ve finally returned!”

“What’s wrong?” Hearing Li Fangfei’s tone was enough to tell that something was up.

“Have you switched off your mobile? Seemingly unable to reach you, Boss Lei called our dorm and said that if you were to return, you should return his call at your first available moment!” Li Fangfei was worried. “There isn’t anything wrong, is there?!”

Regarding the issue of wanting to terminate the contract, Shi Guang had told no one about it. Li Fangfei didn’t know anything about it, and neither did Boss Lei. However, this was something that would have spilled out eventually. Shi Guang garnered that Boss Lei’s call for her should be because he had found out about the issue.

Shi Guang nodded her head and took out her mobile to give Boss Lei a call. The battery on her mobile was flat, so she borrowed Li Fangfei’s mobile for the call.

“Shi Guang, how are the lessons going?”

Boss Lei did not inquire about the issue of her wanting to terminate the contract straight up, and questioned her about the status of Lu Yanchen’s lessons instead.

However, Shi Guang had not even given Lu Yanchen any lessons yet. She believed that this was something Boss Lei must know about for sure, and thus could not figure out just what he was planning in his mind.

Pondering for a moment, Shi Guang chuckled out in reply, “The frequency of my training for the past two days was more intensive. Hence, I did not head down for lessons.”

Since he did not expose her, she did not have to be frank about it as well.

“I know that having a lot of training is important, since you want to get into the provincial team. But, giving Young Master Lu lessons is equally important. Shi Guang, you are the spokesperson of the club. I believe that you definitely have what it takes to juggle both ends with a balance,” As he continued, Boss Lei’s tone got heavier, “Go give a lesson tomorrow…And, you have to teach properly, alright? Young Master Lu is no ordinary person. Don’t get overly obstinate now, or you might only know regret after suffering some losses.”

How could Shi Guang not understand Boss Lei’s meaning?

Boss Lei was trying to progress by making concessions. Under the pretext of thinking for her through his words, every single word was in reality just a threat. He was clearly letting her know that if she wanted to terminate the contract, not only would she have to pay the penalty sum, she would lose the endorsement of the club as well.

She hesitated, deciding if she wanted to clarify the issue of her wanting to terminate the contract with Boss Lei.

She was afraid that she might be too rash, and end up causing the matter to get worse. In the end, she decided to not mention it for now and take a shower to cool her head first.

Li Fangfei stood up and walked beside Shi Guang, “What’s wrong? What did Boss Lei say?”

Shi Guang sighed out, “I wish to terminate the contract. I don’t want to go give lessons.”


“The person I’m supposed to teach is not some Mrs. Shen. It’s Lu Yanchen.”

“Lu Yanchen? Someone of the Lu Family! Young Master Lu…The stud who presented you with the trophy the other day!” Li Fangfei exclaimed out as she hopped up and closed in with that gossipy face of hers, “Shi Guang! Did I hear you wrong? Your student is THE fourth Young Master of the Lu Family?”

Shi Guang did not reply and just stood up to take some fresh clothes for a shower. Even though it was summer, one could still catch the flu bug after being drenched.

Li Fangfei was still gasping out in astonishment, “Why would you want to terminate the contract if it’s the fourth Young Master Lu!? He is someone that most people cannot even get to approach! Shi Guang! Don’t tell me that you don’t know about the Lu Family?”

Shi Guang’s body froze up inexplicably, “…”

Looking at how she did not make a sound, Li Fangfei took her silence as acknowledgment as she hurried on, “The Lu Family is a well known aristocratic family within the military compound! This is a big family that is perched right on top of the pyramid which we mere commoners can only hope to reach!”

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